Mexican restaurant review


Margaritas is one of many restaurants in the Greenwood area. Located by the Smith Valley and 135 intersection, there is not a lot to set the food apart, but the busy and bright interior brings a certain excitement to eating there.

The environment inside of Margaritas is welcoming, and the service is quick, I never have to wait very long for my food. I would not describe the restaurant as peaceful; the walls and tables are filled with murals designed with bright colors. No matter what time or day I go, I get my food quickly from a friendly server.

Like all other Mexican restaurants that I have been to, the portion sizes are huge and there are always left overs to take home. I love seafood, so I ordered the camarones with veggies, which is marinated shrimp and vegetables over a bed of rice and topped with cheese sauce. It was amazing, the shrimp was well seasoned and the rice was flavorful but not so much so that it took away from the shrimp. I left stuffed and had enough leftovers for a full meal the next day. My sister got her usual arroz con pollo and had the same experience; she left full and packed her leftovers for lunch the next day.

The food is not necessarily inexpensive. The camarones with veggies alone was $13.99, and the large cheese dip that we ordered for the table was $6.99. My sister and I came out with a total of around $35, and that included drinks, cheese dip, and two full meals. For the amount of food we got and the great taste, I think the price was worth it.

I thoroughly enjoy going to Margaritas and frequently go there with my friends just to order drinks and a bowl of queso and talk for hours. We always argue over who has to tell our servers that we will not be ordering meals out of fear they will be upset with us, but the friendly workers never seem to mind. I sincerely recommend Margaritas for anyone looking for a quick, delicious meal with a family-friendly atmosphere.