Sophomores continue to set records


With new school records and personal bests, the beginning of the girls’ track and field season promises a great season and state qualifiers.

Sophomore Amy Luttrell set the new school record and personal best for pole vault during indoor season.

“My personal record at the end of the season last year was 9’0”, but now it is 10’6” which means I have increased by one and a half inches.  My new personal best also broke the old school record,” Luttrell said.

Fellow sophomore Ellie Irwin also set a new personal record during indoor season for high jump.

“My new personal record in high jump is 5’7”, but my old one was 5’5”. Overall, I have increased my height by two inches since last season,” Irwin said.

According to Luttrell, reaching a new max height takes time and a lot of practice.

“Going up from 9’6” to 10’0” took me about three months to achieve, but going up from 10’0” to 10’6” only took me two weeks,” Luttrell said. “After last season, I trained in the summer until volleyball season started. I went back to training for pole vault from the beginning of December to the end of February, which was the beginning of the school season. I also went to some indoor meets over the winter so I could prepare myself for school meets instead of just going to practice.”

Irwin said that her old personal record was set almost a year ago.

“I set my old personal record at the Sectional meet last year, my freshman season, and then set my new record on the very first meet of this season,” Irwin said.

The off season is essential for training.

“My off season is summer all the way through winter, so I train outside all summer and fall, and then during the winter when it is too cold to train outside, I would compete in indoor meets,” Irwin said.

Luttrell said she has many personal goals to achieve by the end of this season.

“My goal is to clear 11’0” by the end of the season which would break the current record.  Another goal of mine is to compete in outdoor state in June,” Luttrell said.

Along with Luttrell, Irwin has her own hopes for herself this season.

“I definitely plan on hitting another personal best this season, and even trying to beat the school record,” Irwin said.

The girls and boys track and field teams will return on April 26 at 5:30 pm in a tri-way meet against Decatur Central High School and Mooresville High School.  The meet is located at the Mooresville track and field.