Staff members embrace new life changes


GHS is expecting lots of change, including the retirement and relocation of some of our most loved faculty and staff.

Mrs. Julia Reynolds, media specialist, said she is moving to the Greenwood Public Library next year.

“I am as surprised as everyone else is that I am leaving because I did not expect to leave.

I thought I would have retired from Greenwood, so I’m really leaving because the opportunity that was given to me is a really exciting challenge and change for me; I also really felt like the time was right,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

Mrs. Reynolds said despite her excitement for her new job, she is also very surprised.

“It’s strange because I was not looking for anything new; the Greenwood Public Library reached out to me, so it was definitely a surprise but also a really exciting opportunity after working at Greenwood for 14 years,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

Mrs. Beth White, IMC assistant, said her 17 years of work in the Greenwood School Corporation are coming to a close with lots of cherished memories.

“I have been at GHS for 16 years and one year at Northeast Elementary, so 17 years in total in the corporation. After 17 years, I have a lot of favorite memories, but having top-notch authors visit our students like Jason Reynolds and Ruta Sepetys will also hold a special place for me. And I could never forget when Justin Bieber came when he was so young, not yet popular, and only sang two songs he had on the radio,” Mrs. White said.

Principal Todd Garrison said staff changes around the state are mostly caused by the changes in diplomas starting next school year.

“Due to changes in graduation diploma requirements, our school, like most high schools in Indiana, saw demands in CTE courses for next year, noticeably in FACS—Family and Consumers Sciences—and Construction. Also, Mrs. Janet Cox, our Business teacher, is retiring after this school year. CTE teachers are scarce in Indiana, so we posted several openings hoping to get some crossover in licensing,” Mr. Garrison said.

Mrs. Reynolds said her favorite memories from GHS are all the author visits she was able to organize.

“I love author visits. It’s one of my best memories from working at Greenwood because when I first started here, I asked the librarian before me, ‘What is something you have loved doing or would like to see continue,’ and she said ‘We’ve had an author here, and I would love to see author visits grow.’ When she said that to me, I was conflicted because I love meeting authors, but I was very intimidated by the idea of having an author outside of Indiana come to our school,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

Mr. Garrison said the school will be hiring a new Spanish teacher along with a temporary Guidance counselor.

“Coming next year is a new Spanish teacher, so we are excited Spanish 3 will no longer be taught online. Also, GHS has had a Special Education opening all year, but we are excited to announce we have filled this position for the 2022-23 school year,” Mr. Garrison said. “Mr. Ronk is taking a leave for next school year, so this is why guidance has a temporary opening for next year.”

Mrs. White said she plans on making more memories with her husband after retirement.

“My husband and IU love to travel and so adventurous things. After I retire, we are planning on doing a lot of traveling. In the fall, we are headed to Guadalupe Island, Mexico to cage dive with great white sharks. I’m a native Californian and a certified scuba diver, so I deeply respect the ocean and its inhabitants,” Mrs. White said.

Mrs. Reynolds will be taking on new responsibilities at GPL.

“I will be the Community Relations Specialist at Greenwood Public Library. It is sort of a two-fold job because the first part of it is that I will be the face of the library to the community. This means I will be connecting businesses in the community to what the library has to offer them, so kind of like a PR person. The other part of my job will be to handle all of the donations that are given to the library, and that will be a big challenge for me because I never have to handle donations or much money here,” Mrs. Reynolds said.