Should students be allowed to decorate their graduation caps?


Decorating caps for graduation may seem fun, but it would actually add more stress and confusion to the ceremony.

Many high school seniors will decorate their caps for graduation, writing fun phrases or painting pictures. However, GHS does not allow students to decorate their caps for graduation. Decorating caps would be fun and would allow students to express their individuality, but it has many downsides.

A lot of students are upset about GHS not allowing graduation caps to be decorated. While it would be fun, the school would have to approve each individual hat. Students could put something inappropriate or unintentionally put something that the school does not want to represent. If this were to happen, many students could be denied walking privileges due to last minute design ideas. Administration already puts a lot of work into graduation, and approving each individual hat would involve an entirely new set of rules, paperwork, and time. The goal of administration is that every senior walks during graduation, and they want to minimize the risk of any students not being able to walk. It is also unfair to the other students if a graduation cap were to cause a distraction during graduation. The ceremony is about celebrating all seniors, and any distractions would jeopardize that. A student being barred from walking would also lead to last-minute changes during the ceremony and would not only affect the student walking but would affect everyone else attending the ceremony. While it might be upsetting not to be able to decorate caps, allowing caps to be decorated could lead to bigger issues.

Decorated caps would also change the appearance of graduation. GHS administration works to ensure that graduation is uniform and all students receive equal treatment. Having decorated hats would jeopardize the uniform. It would also create distractions during graduation. Graduation is supposed to be about celebrating each individual student and providing families with time to celebrate them, but the caps would interfere. The only difference in uniform currently is the cords that people wear to celebrate their academic honors.

Graduation is already stressful enough as is. GHS works to make it enjoyable for everyone, and if they had to approve every individual hat, it would add more stress onto the administration. It would also add another layer of preparation for the students and would further complicate an already difficult event. Graduation is fun, but it involves a lot of preparation on both the part of the student and the administrators. By not allowing students to decorate their caps, GHS is minimizing the amount of stress.

Students would have fun with decorated caps, but it is ultimately a good thing that GHS does not allow students to decorate their caps.