Graduation inside or outside

Elijah Poe, Editor In Chief

For the Class of 2020, the ceremony was held outside for COVID social distancing reasons, giving students and parents a great night and great scenes.

That was a cool night with great weather, and at the end of the ceremony, GHS was able to shoot fireworks to send the Class of 2020 off with a boom, giving spectators a wonderful way to end their time in high school.

Although it was a one-time event because of COVID, there are some reasons for it to be brought back.

One great aspect of having it when the sun was setting was how comfortable people were. Also, there was a lot of room instead of people being on top of each other crammed into the main gym.

Hosting graduation outside has its challenges as well. May weather could come into play. Weather could flip and ruin a good portion of the ceremony. If it does rain, scrambling to move the ceremony inside would only cause panic and stress for parents and students.

It has been a no brainer to stay inside since COVID has waned and society has opened up, and since the gym is air conditioned, it also makes it an easier choice to pick the gym over an outside ceremony. When the gym did not have AC, it would be a no brainer to try to have it outside instead of roasting. Although those factors are widely in play, the outside graduation for the Class of 2020 still was one of the most memorable graduations GHS has had.

It is not easy to have one outside since the weather and other uncontrollable forces come into play, but it definitely makes for a great send off if plans get worked out in the future for a planned outside ceremony.