Summer vacation spots


The summer weather creates a great time for vacation.

“The summer vacation spot I recommend and love is Panama City Beach just because my family always goes there and we always have a great time. The weather is always nice,” sophomore Courtney Hankenhoff said.

Senior Braedyn Matthews recommends another location.

“The best vacation spot is Michigan. Lake Michigan is a great place to relax. I personally enjoy going out to the ocean on a boa,t but the beaches are nice, too. Shops and restaurants are available anywhere along the beaches,” Matthews said.

Gulf shores is another popular spot.

“My family goes to Gulf Shores, Alabama, sometimes over the summer. We enjoy it because it is not a busy beach at the time we go. We always go to the Tacky Jacks Gulf Shore restaurant as a tradition; it is a family favorite,” freshman Cayden McDaniel said.

Families enjoy calm beaches.

“Panama City Beach is family friendly because whenever I stay there we always have fun getting together on the beach and I love to go to Pineapple Willy’s by my condo, and that’s always a great time. The beach is also a lot cleaner than other beaches in Florida,” Hankenhoff said.

Vacation is a great bonding experience for friends, too.

“My parents let me bring a friend on our vacation or we met up with other families. It is good to bring friends on vacation because it’s a different place than your hometown, and you guys can do things you’ve never done before. The best thing to do with friends is go out to eat or go to the beach. Everyone is much happier on vacation so me and my friends have a great time when we go on vacation together,” McDaniel said.

Vacationing with friends brings many memories.

“I went to Nashville, Tennessee, with my friend two summers ago. We stayed at a very nice hotel. We ended up eating dinner at the hotel. Later that night, my friend got sick. Turns out he got food poisoning. It’s a good memory because we still laugh about it after two years. I highly recommend bringing friends on vacations if possible,” Matthews said.

Sports also give students chances to travel.

“This summer I will be out of state every weekend playing softball,l such as Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, and probably Kentucky, and I may go on vacation one week to Panama City Beach or Myrtle Beach,” Hankenhoff said.