Doctor Strange Review 


With another fantastic addition in the Marvel franchise, Doctor Strange in the Madness of the Multiverse is a fresh and violent extension of the Doctor Strange character.

The acting was flawless, and it was nice to see Marvel step out of their comfort zone and produce a darker movie. It opened with a whopping $185 million on the first weekend it was out and I can see why. The story telling was exquisite, and it opened with Stephen living life as a superhero but still with dealing everyday human emotions and issues such as relationships and regret.

A new superhero was introduced with the power to travel through the multiverse. America fell into Doctor Strange’s universe on the run from a demon who was sent by the eventual revealed villain of the movie, Wanda.  I am excited to see where and how America will be used in future Marvel movies as her powers create a whole new string of possibilities for more movies.

This was almost an attempt at a horror movie from Marvel as well, which brought a whole new atmosphere to viewers. The jump scares were good, and Marvel did not turn away from violence. Blood is actually shown. There are moments where the tension was so high I was on the edge of my seat.

All in all, this movie will please Marvel fans. This has everything a fan could want and more. I cannot wait for the next movie involving Doctor Strange, especially after the post-credit scene. This may be a controversial take, but this movie is better than Spiderman: No Way Home.