Students get summer jobs


Summer break involves three months of freedom for students, giving them the luxury of time to get a summer job and make some spending money.

Luckily, Greenwood is filled with places perfect for young workers, including Freedom Springs which employs a many young workers from schools all around Johnson County.

“I work concessions admissions at Freedom Springs so I check people in and out of the pool and sell food to patrons. Last year I made $9.30, per hour, but this year, we are getting a raise which is very exciting,” senior Selena Pinon said.

Working with so kids a similar age makes the job so much more fun.

“Most of the workers there go or did go to greenwood or I know them because they go to school around here so I’m around people my age that are similar to me all the time. We know how to make the job fun and always come up with small things to keep us entertained when we get bored or stressed,” Pinon said.

The new fieldhouse is also an amazing job opportunity for students.

“I’m super excited to work there this summer. I’ll be making $13 an hour just to walk around and pretty much supervise the area. I’m really looking forward to the whole building. There’s supposed to be two basketball courts, a three-lane track, three golf simulators, and two turf fields and batting cages,” senior Carson Eastling said

The YMCA is a great place for students to work because there are so many different things to do, and they are always hiring.

“I’m going to be an assistant aquatics director so I’ll be helping teach classes at the pool like water aerobics at the Baxter YMCA. Right now, I’m only making $9 an hour but when I turn 16 in June, I’ll be allowed to make $16,” sophomore Ava Rippeto said.

There are some hidden gems for students who may not want to work with half of the people they go to school with.

“I work at P&D Flower Farm in Franklin. I love working there, I always get to be outside, and the workers there have a lot of freedom. I make $9 an hour plus tips to work wedding, pick flowers, organize parties, and wrap flower bouquets, which is my favorite part because I like to see all of the different combinations that people choose,” senior Grace Taylor said.

Obviously, kids do not want to be inside working all the time during their short break from school. Luckily, a lot of jobs understand this and are very lenient on scheduling.

“One thing I love about the flower farm is how flexible they are about scheduling. Technically I’m supposed to request off two weeks before, but if I really need a day off and forgot about it they’re really understanding. They also let us do kind of whatever we want when there isn’t a lot of work to do they let us hang out outside,” Taylor said.

The only struggle of working in a small area like Greenwood so seeing people from school at work.

“I see people from school all the time, and it’s not awkward as long as they say hi. If we pretend we don’t know each other, then it is so awkward because then we’re just trying not to make eye contact the whole time,’ Taylor said.