Renovations delayed


Logan Connor, Feature Editor

As the final semester of the 2021-2022 school year was finishing up, GHS was buzzing with rumors of renovations and remodeling. But when everyone returned from their summer vacation, there were almost no changes at all.

When GHS got the news of Mr. Garrison’s retirement, the administration took their time to find the perfect fit for the job. When Mr. Gasaway was hired, one of the main situations brought to him was the renovations. 

“Dr. Terhune and Mr. Pritchett took me around the building one of my first times here,” Mr. Gasaway said. “They showed me all the things they wanted to do and have happened. I thought it was pretty awesome.”

Assistant Principal Craig Bruns was able to give a rough time table for these projects

“So the plan as of now is to get started in the first weekend of September,” Mr. Bruns said. “They already have their trailers set up and are getting everything ready. By the time the next school year starts, everything will be all said and done.”

Mr. Garrison, former principal, played a major role in the blueprint of these new classrooms and student work areas. But with his retirement, these plans fell into the hands of Mr. Bruns.

“The most interesting thing about this is that Mr. Garrison was the one who knew the most and planned it out mostly,” Mr. Bruns said. “I just got on board here recently and have been given the opportunity to really support and help Mr. Gasaway through it all.”

Since Mr. Gasaways hiring in mid-July, he has been asked by almost everyone around him if the planned renovations will happen or if they have fallen through. 

“This week I met with some students and asked them what kind of things they liked and disliked about the school,” Mr. Gasaway said. “They all really want the school to be spiced up and freshened and upgraded. “A topic that came up a lot when meeting students was the fact that they want to see some upgrades and modernizing. If that’s something that the kids want and want to see happen then that’s what we need to get done.”

Although the list of priorities are long, the renovations are important.

“I would say it is definitely in my top 5,” Mr. Gasaway said. “Only being here for about a month there is definitely a lot to get done but renewing this building is up there.”

Creating a better learning environment and availability of better technology is extremely important.

“The classrooms have not been touched in 20 plus years,” Mr. Bruns said. “We have been in need of new technology, new carpet and new lighting for the improvement of our students’ learning environment.”