When should Christmas season start?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the annual debate of when Christmastime begins.

Many people wholeheartedly believe that the Christmas season starts the day after Halloween and begin putting up decorations and listening to Christmas music as soon as Nov. 1 comes. Others, including myself, wait until Thanksgiving is over to start getting into the Christmas spirit. 

One problem I have with starting Christmas celebrations so early is that Thanksgiving and the remainder of autumn get overlooked. Once Halloween ends, many people are in a hurry to get to the wintertime because of their excitement for Christmas and tend to ignore all the fun autumn still has to offer. 

Thanksgiving is such an underrated holiday solely because Christmas is only a month away, so people do not bother acknowledging Thanksgiving like they used to. It almost feels like Thanksgiving gets skipped. For example, sophomore Ava Griffin said she likes to put up her little Christmas tree on Nov. 1 every year. Sophomore Ethan Reed said he also likes to decorate his house for Christmas with his family early in November.

Although I completely understand the excitement for Christmas, when people start celebrating too early, it is almost too much celebration. Celebrating one holiday for two whole months like some people do takes the fun out of it all. By the time Christmas Day actually comes around, it does not feel any different than any day the two months before.

Another major reason that Christmas is pushed on us so fast is because of stores and other businesses putting up decorations and advertisements early on. Companies like to do this because it encourages customers to start holiday shopping as early as possible. A lot of companies also like to have big holiday sales on their popular products, boosting sales significantly.

Overall, I love Christmas just as much as anyone else and would even consider it my favorite holiday. However, that does not mean we should let it take up so much of our time in the fall.