Is Black Friday Shopping Still A Thing?

Sam Thompson, Reporter

Black Friday, what has been known as the biggest shopping day of the year, could be dwindling from what it used to be.

Next Friday, most stores discount some of their products, and the whole day is all about shopping and getting the best deals for the Christmas.

“With online shopping on the rise, I think Cyber Monday is more practical. I think that Black Friday will always be a big tradition. Personally, I enjoy shopping in person rather than online,” junior Braydon Holman said.

Most stores open early and some take shopping to the extreme with thought out plans, rushing through stores, and early mornings.

“My nana’s tradition on Black Friday is to wake up early to make sure she doesn’t get caught in the middle of the long lines to get into the stores,” Holman said.

Some students are not big fans of shopping on this unofficial holiday.

“I have never been shopping on Black Friday because there are too many people and I prefer online shopping,” freshman Zeigen Mahachanh said.

One thing that makes Black Friday seem so important to American culture is the tradition that has been ingrained into families and friends for years.

“I go every year, and I always go after dinner. It was big last year, I don’t know about this year, but I’m pretty sure it will still be a big in person shopping day. Me and my dad waited outside Best Buy for a little over two hours for their Black Friday inventory restock, and they had already sold out of what we cme for when we finally got in the store,” sophomore Cayden McDaniel said.

With most stores becoming easily accessible through phones and computers, it makes sense that online shopping has become preferred.

“Cyber Monday is becoming bigger because people don’t like the crowds that come with Black Friday shopping. My mom has gone Black Friday shopping, and none of it sounded fun to me or my friends,” sophomore Avah Wallischeck said.