GHS hosts first Woodmen Expo


Sam Thompson, Reporter

 December seventh, Greenwood hosted our first Woodmen Expo in the gym for our students and parents.

The Woodman Expo is all about scheduling for upcoming years and finding ways to get involved with the school.

“This is intended for everyone, but especially for incoming freshman class to learn about the highschool and the the teachers” Principal Mr. Micheal Gasaway said.

This is a great time for students and parents to get information from teachers about classes they could be interested in.

“Teachers will be there to talk to parents about the programs and it is a time for parents to ask questions about these programs,” Mr. Gasaway said. 

Everyone is trying to benefit from have parents and students in the building to get them to join or pursue something in school.

“Everyone will be at the Expo. This includes every department, clubs, and sports so they can get information out directly to the parents and students” Mr. Gasaway said.

Although it is our first time as a school, there is some experience with this type leading our staff.

“I did this at my old school and was well attended, especially by the incoming freshman and a lot from the current freshman and sophomores,”Mr Gasaway said.

The Expo is meant to help everyone with their needs for any grade or type of education they want.

“At 5:30 there will be a parent and student meeting with me at 5:30 and then everyone can ask questions for teachers, clubs, and sports and C-9 will also have someone there to answer questions for people who are interested in that pathway,” Mr. Gasaway said.

The Expo lasted for about two hours that included a talk from Mr. Gasaway and some of the staff and time for parents and students to walk around all the information tables in the cafeteria and the commons.

“It was definitely a success and there were about 250 people in the auditorium and at least 350 people throughout the night,” Mr.Gasaway said.

The night offered great information about the classes and programs and a feel for the highschool.

“I got a lot of positive feedback from parents because there were a lot of things the school had to offer that they had no idea about,” Mr.Gasaway said.

This is a great night for new students to come into the school and learn more about what the high school life will be about.

“I talked to some parents and students that night and they sent this to make them feel more at ease about the transition to the high school,”Mr.Gasaway said.

There was great joy in the school from teachers and students because it was such a great night of seeing new people.

“The most memorable part for me was watching the class of 2027 take pictures with a graduation cap in front of our Greenwood Woodmen board we had set up,” Mr.Gasaway said.

This was a great night and an amazing opportunity to invite friends and siblings to come to the school in the following years to give them this incredible opportunity.

“With the success it was, this will be coming back for more years,” Mr.Gasaway said.

The departments are getting involved to help their students find their best paths for their highschool career.

The math department is trying to help students personalize their education to help them the most for their future.

“For our older students we are trying to help our kids choose math options that fits better with their career plans for the future. There are also flyers for the seniors who are closer to leaving and going off to college,” Mrs. Pamala Wishmeyer said.

Since every student has to take a Language Arts class, it is a huge part of highschool and an important part of highschool and there is a lot of information going around to students and parents. 

“We each had a copy of our course descriptions, samples of our students’ work or a QR code to scan featuring our courses,” Mrs Linda Williams said. 

The math department is attending to everyone’s needs for their highschool career.

“We are printing flow charts for people to see their options and choices for classes depending on where they are,” Mrs. Wishmeyer said.

The Language Arts table was busy the whole night with questions from parts about the next years of highschool and how they should spend it.

“We had an awesome time meeting the parents of our current students along with meeting our future 9th grade students and their families,” Mrs. Williams said.

A great success does not mean it is time to stop working as Mrs. Williams is already planning for future years of Woodmen Expos.

“A thing we thought of for next year is a wheel that people can spin to get prizes to make it more for the students and their families,” Mrs. Williams said.