Scholastic Journalism Week: Timberlines Newspaper


Every month, a group of students continuously work together to bring Timberlines, the school newspaper, to newsstands around the building.

Students on newspaper staff have their own roles, including page designers, reporters, and photographers. They collaborate on each issue to create relevant content that sparks the interest of the student body.

“I love being able to get work done while also having fun. We all get to work at our own pace which is awesome. Newspaper helps us get out information while also including others in the community to see what we are doing at school,” sophomore Makena Cruse, entertainment editor, said.

Newspaper unifies GHS. Senior Audrey Poynter, reporter, recently joined Timberlines this semester and immediately saw the teamwork.

“When I first stepped in, I noticed the community. It is a community of people who want to talk about their interests and also include the interests of others in our school. Each and every person has something they bring to staff. I think the newspaper helps students to feel that they are not alone. There are other students who are observing and making issues known. Newspaper is a source of entertainment and fun where people can see the modern times of our school,” Poynter, said.

Timberlines serves as a different medium of art, as it encourages students to be artistic and creative.

“I think newspaper gives everyone on staff a creative outlet. We write about things that are worthy of being reported. Personally, I am not a very artsy person. I am not good at drawing, painting, and those sorts of things, but I know being on newspaper is a different way to be creative through photography and page design that does not necessarily require me to be artistic in the typical sense,” senior Naomi Weaver, photo coordinator, said.

Every issue, Timberlines staff collaborates to come up with story ideas that are unique and relevant. Reporters are then able to select the story they want to write, which helps the writing process be more rewarding and enjoyable.

“I like interviewing people to get better stories. I like all the people we work with. We also get to pick the stories we write which leads me to be more interested in what I am writing about,” sophomore Sam Thompson, reporter, said.

Newspaper gives everyone a voice. For junior Logan Connor, feature editor, newspaper gives him the opportunity to cover topics he is interested in while including other students’ thoughts through interviewing.

“My favorite thing about being on staff is getting to write about things I love and voicing my opinion. Having a school newspaper allows students to get interviewed and involved, and voice their opinion on things that normally they would not be able to,” Connor said.

Timberlines has fun traditions such as celebrating staff members’ birthday.

“My favorite memory is when we sing happy birthday to our staff members. Everyone sings at different times and it is really chaotic and funny,” Cruse said.

Decorating for holidays is another tradition.

“I liked setting up for Christmas with everyone. We were all setting up the Christmas trees, laughing, and having a good time. I like how we balance working and having fun,” sophomore Alex Kramer, opinion editor, said.

Through photography, sophomore Tatum Syers, photographer, is able to put her talent on display.

“I get to take weekly photos and take photo assignments. I enjoy taking photos of sports. My favorite photo I have ever taken is from a basketball game where both players were jumping up at the same time to get the ball,” Syers said.

Students work hard to put together every issue of Timberlines each month.

“My favorite thing about staff has been the collaboration between several different aspects of building the newspapers between the page designing, photographers, and reporters, where everything is put together. It is really rewarding to see the final product afterwards and feel satisfied as a group,” Poynter said.