Is outer banks the best show on netflix?

 Byline Waveland Goodrich, Jovie Johnson & Acen Swain (Journalism 1 students)

With the new Outer Banks season, many people are watching it.  

Many people say it is a great season and fun to watch.

“So far, there’s a lot of action. John B’s dad came back, which is kind of a surprise. So far it’s good. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s pretty good,” junior Julio De La Rosa said

With every show, there comes a favorite character that stands out better than the rest of the characters.

“My favorite character is probably Sarah Cameron.  Because she’s just an interesting character, and she has a lot of great things about her personality,” sophomore PJ Branch said.

Freshman Braden Chase likes the son best.

“My favorite character is probably John B because he’s loyal and always trying to help his dad out,”  Chase said.

Junior, Juilo De La Rosa watches the new Outer Banks season. He was interested in what JJ was going to do next. Waveland Goodrich photo

Many say Outer Banks is unlike any other show with its scenery, plot and ongoing drama.

“The setting is amazing. The landscape just always looks good. There’s a lot of drama; you never know what’s going to happen next,”  De La Rosa said.

Chase agreed.

Outer Banks is different than any other shows I watch. The cast is great, and I like the setting because it gives off a cool vibe,”  Chase said. “I really like the new season. I watched it all in one night, and it’s the best season in my opinion.”

Freshman Landon Vziri has a favorite season.

“My favorite season is probably Season 2. It’s super interesting and has a lot of action and has some new characters,” Vaziri said.

Turning to the new season (Season 3), there are mixed opinions about it and most say it is a 8-9/10.

“I would give it an 8/10 because it’s not my favorite season, but it’s still pretty good and has a lot of action,”  Vaziri said.

Some say the characters are well-developed.

“The characters really are unlike any others, they are great actors, and they seem to always keep the entertainment going,”  Vaziri said.  “The season did take forever to come out, but it’s so good, so it doesn’t really matter anymore.”  

Some of the new season, unlike the others, I not just in Outer Banks.  It’s also in South America.

“South America is pretty, cool and I like how some of the show this season is there. It’s really scenic and makes the action even better,”  Chase said.