Ant-man review

Alex Kramer, Opinion Editor

With the conclusion of the old era, marvel begins the new era of phase 5 with its first movie, Ant-man and the Wasp Quantummania.

While this movie has been hyped for a few months at this point, when I saw it, I was honestly disappointed. It felt as if the movie was just a filler movie because they could not come up with a way to make this one better or produce a better one. It did introduce some important characters for the next movies, though.

Although the movie was a disappointment, it still was a pretty good movie. It also introduced one the most important characters for this phase, and that is the main villain named Khan the conqueror. Khan is from an alien planet. He destroyed his home planet and many surrounding planets with his futuristic spaceship.

The plot of the movie surrounds Kahn’s ship and his mission to repair it while conquering the universe after he was banished into the quantum realm. Khan was able to repair his ship with the help of Janet van Dyne, but once she found out his plan, she grew the power source of the ship to an enormous size leading it to be unusable. Khan still had enough energy, though, to be able to conquer the quantum realm making himself the ruler.

Khan will be the antagonist in most of the upcoming films along with being the villain in the next Avengers movies. This film introduced Marvel fans to him, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions. The post credit scene also revealed what will most likely be the plot of the next Avengers movie.

With such a new style of marvel movies in the future many marvel fans are worried about what is held in store for the marvel franchise. In the past few movies the movies have felt more comedy heavy instead of the original few movies which felt a little more serious. This movie relied heavily on comedy having multiple characters having only one real purpose was to provide comedic relief. With so much comedic value in these movies they all begin to feel dull and blend together. Although the movies have begun to seem bland they still prove to be entertaining. Although I find the comedy in some of these movies to be unoriginal and unamusing they still entertain millions of people around the world.

This movie was an overall pleasant watch even though I found it dragging on at times and not living up to expectations. Overall, I rate this movie on the Kramer-Richtor™ scale of rating at 7.8/10.