Spring Break pep rally


Brady Cave, Opinion Editor

As the end of the quarter approaches, the Student Council has hosted a fun week for students.

The Spring Break pep rally will take place today to end the festivities.

“The pep rally is going to be super fun. It is going to be everything the Winter Break pep rally was but more. It will definitely be an awesome way to kick off Spring Break,” senior Sheldon Clark said.

Expect a special guest, yet to be revealed to the student body.

“Someone special is going to be making an appearance at the pep rally. I do not want to spoil it, but it is someone most of you should know and someone who will definitely bring a fun and high energy environment,” Mrs. Faith Stapleton, Student Council sponsor, said.

The pep rally is going to be about one hour long, there is going to be a spring sports preview and four teacher and student involved games in the main gym.

“Most of the events are going to be a surprise, but there will be things like a shirt toss, and some class vs. class events. I think students are going to be excited to attend,” said sophomore Avah Wallischeck.

The spirit stick is going to be a big part of the pep rally

“The spirit stick is given to the class with the highest energy and that are the most involved. The junior class is the reigning champs, but I know it is going to be a very tough choice and I am looking forward to having a good time with everyone,” Mr. Michael Gasaway, principal, said.

This week featured some super fun themes.

On Monday the theme was Staycation, which was pretty much pajama day. Tuesday was Soccer Mom vs. Grill Dad. Wednesday was Adam Sandler Day. Yesterday was March Madness Day, and today was Green Day,” freshman Melony Lee said.