GHS Garden Plans


Sam Thompson, Reporter

The GHS logo is not the only thing green.

With the sunshine and the heat coming back to our world, it is time to get started planting the school garden.

“This will be our fourth year bringing back the garden. We will be bringing back a large variety of what we grew with everything from tomatoes to corn and this year we will try to grow more wild flowers” Mr. Derek Fisher, Gardening Club sponsor said.

The garden brings a community of people together. Some staff members and many students will be giving their time to help. 

“I get help from Mr. Figy and Mrs. Aragon. Along with them, we have about 20 kids in our Gardening Club and another 25 kids in our foods science classes that will help out with our garden,” Mr. Fisher said.

The garden requires a lot of time and effort from a lot of people.

“Our Gardening Club will be working on our garden on Thursdays during PowerHour during the spring, and during the summer, it will be Tuesday and Thursday,” Mr. Fisher said. 

There is so much learning that comes from working in a garden with peers and teachers, but one of the best parts is getting to eat the produce.

“There are three things that we do with the produce from the garden. The gardening club has first dibs on the produce, and they will get to pick what they want. After that, my food and science classes will get to look at what is left, and they can make some dishes with the food. For example, if there is an eggplant, I will let them make an eggplant dish. Finally the rest will be put in the cart by the office for any student to take if they want any,” Mr. Fisher said.

All the plants need is some water, sunshine and a little bit of work.

“I love this club because I just love to be outside in the sunshine with my friends working on the garden,” junior Eliana Speedy.

This garden and the club bring many connections together and it is great to have a big group of people working hard for one cause.

“There is nothing better than just being outside, working with a great group of people and we can get food at the end,” senior Amber Chau said.

One big reason people take part in gardens is the accomplishment that comes with growing the plants and reaping the products.

“I love knowing that the food that we worked hard to grow can go out to other people who need it at our school,” said Speedy.

The skills learned during the garnering season do not just stop after the school garden ends. These skills can be bought anywhere like for a home garden.

“Even though I love gardening with the school, it is also one of my favorite things to do outside of school by myself or with my friends,” Chau said.