Summer Jobs for Students


Jack Titzer, Sports Editor

Summer jobs are a way for students to make friends, get real world work experience, and–what most students care about–make money.

Freedom Springs Aquatic Park has been a staple of summer fun in Greenwood ever since it opened almost a decade ago. The waterpark has employed hundreds of GHS students throughout the years. 

Greenwood Parks and Rec offers various seasonal positions over the summer that can help students gain real life experience in the workforce. These opportunities can help individuals gain experience in fields that could pertain to what they are wanting to do as a career later on in life,” Brooke Gilles, Freedom Springs aquatics manager said.

Mrs. Gilles went into detail about the types of jobs Freedom Springs offers for students.

“If you are wanting to pursue a career in the medical world, then working as a lifeguard and Freedom Springs can give you experience in CPR and first aid which then corresponds with medical careers, such as doctors, paramedics, or firefighters. If you are wanting to pursue a career in the food or restaurant industry, then working as a concession/admission associate will allow you to gain experience working with food and handling money,” She said.

Applications are easy to find and turn in.

“Applications can be found on our website. Simply create an account, select the position you are interested in, then submit your online application. Attached in this email is a QR code for the online applications. When interviewing applicants, we really look for individuals who are reliable, fun, and hardworking. As a parks and recreation department, we work closely and interact a lot with individuals in our community, and it is important that our employees have great people skills and can work well with others. We want our employees to set a great example for not only the Greenwood Parks and Recreation Department but also for the City of Greenwood,” Gilles said. 

She shared her favorite part about working for Greenwood Parks and Rec and Freedom Springs.

“My favorite part is the sense of community I get working with fellow coworkers and from members in the community itself. I also love the fact that I get to help make a positive impact in the community. Starting at an early age, I had a passion for helping people, and by working for the Greenwood Parks and Recreation Department, I have been lucky enough to continue focusing on that passion,” She said.

Another good summer job option for students is working at Greenwood Christian Church in the daycare/summer camp. Greenwood Christian Church is another organization that has employed a lot of GHS students over the years.

Working at GCC is a great summer job for students because you have the opportunity to meet new people, flexible hours, and work no weekends, playing/learning with children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. Applicants must be at least 16 years old. Mentoring children with social skills and helping them learn through play is also an invaluable experience,” Mrs. Beth Craig, daycare director said.

She explained where to find applications and how to turn them in.

“Applications can be picked up at Door 3 of Greenwood Christian Church and dropped off to the same place or emailed to me @[email protected],” she said.

Taking care of kids is the job.

“In the interviewing process, we look for young adults who are responsible, dependable, and caring workers that like children and are willing to be team players with their co-workers,” she said. 

Another popular summer job for students is working as counselor for Greenwood Parks and Rec summer camp. The summer camp is another job that involves working with kids. 

“Working for the summer camp is a good summer job option for students because we are only during the week, so no weekends, and camp closes by 5:30 p.m, therefore no evening work. Also you are able to choose from some fun special events to work, such as Summer concerts, Freedom Festival, Adult Nights at Freedom Springs, and Family Fun Night at Freedom Springs. Also another pro about working for the summer camp is the work period is only 8-10 weeks so it is a seasonal job,” Mrs. Erin Swisher, coordinator of summer camp operations said. 

She explained how the traits that she looks for in employees is the same as any other Greenwood Parks and Rec employee.

“What we look for in an employee is people with very strong communication skills, a positive attitude, have initiative, interest in their work as well as a background in working with kids,” she said.