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Faith Peebles, editor-in-chief

My name is Faith Peebles. I am editor-in-chief of the Timberlines newspaper, and was editor-in-chief of our Impact magazine last year. I am currently the GHS student body president, and also serve as the secretary of the Greenwood Mayor’s Youth Council. This is my seventh year cheering at Greenwood for both basketball and football, and have been on the competition cheer team for the past two years. Being on the Timberlines staff has taught me to always push for the truth. The initial answers that someone gives when you pose a question are typically just the tip of the iceberg, and if there’s one thing Denise Roberts has taught me, it’s to always ask those follow up questions.


Gentry Appleget, photographer & reporter

I’m Gentry Appleget. I am a writer and photographer on staff. I love newspaper staff because I enjoy telling and showing the stories that people unfamiliar with the matter wouldn’t know about. Outside of staff, I do photography as a job, I travel, and fish. While I started doing photography before I was involved in journalism, journalism has given me skills and opportunities that have carried over into my own endeavors.


Anna Cruser, photographer

I am a senior at GHS and a photographer for the newspaper. This is my second year on staff, and I love how much fun we always have while producing the newspaper. I also play volleyball. I was on the high school varsity team for 4 years and have played club volleyball since I was 12.


Braelynn Dotson, photographer

My name is Braelynn Dotson, and I am a photographer on the Timberlines staff. I really like experimenting with many different angles and locations when I am taking photos. I like taking sports photos of any sport because there is a lot of room for creativity and there is a lot of time to adjust and get the perfect photo. I have been on the staff for three years, and I have enjoyed my time as a photographer.


Ian Flowers, photographer

I started taking photos in my freshman journalism class, and I found myself constantly trying to take the best photos. I became a photographer for the newspaper staff my sophomore year, and I’ve been doing it ever since. I am now entering my senior year and have a high expectation for myself. Being a photographer allows you to be creative and look at things from another angle. If I could choose a specific topic to take photos of, I think I would have to say cars, houses, and busy areas.


Gavin Folco, reporter

I am Gavin Folco and I am a junior at Greenwood High School. I am a reporter on the school newspaper team Timberlines, and enjoy being part of something big at school. I also play football and enjoy representing the school.


Charlize Graves, culture editor

My name is Charli Graves and I’m a culture editor and reporter on staff. Being on staff is one of my favorite things that I’ve gotten to do in high school. I love how we get to do tons of fun things even some that have nothing to do with newspaper and we still come out with a newspaper every month. Aside from newspaper staff, I’m on the swim team and I’m also on student council.


Evan Jacobs, photographer coordinator

I started taking a journalism class my freshman year. Currently, I am a senior. Me thinking journalism was about only writing, I thought it was going to be a very boring class. Turns out journalism and newspaper have been my favorite classes every year so far! Currently, I am the Photo Coordinator for the newspaper. I love taking pictures of musicians, sports, and nature.


Grace Taylor, photographer

I enrolled in the high schools photography class as a sophomore, but I wish I would’ve gotten started in the Journalism program sooner. It’s grown to become my favorite class. The day I picked up my mom’s old camera, I fell in love with taking pictures. I’ve been through many cameras since then, but still love taking pictures of anything and everything. My favorite things to photograph are weddings, sports, and my friends.


Nathan Kremer, sports editor

My name is Nathan Kremer, and I am currently in 10th grade at GHS. On this staff, I am a reporter and a sports editor. My favorite part about being on the newspaper staff is being able to help design and create the newspaper that is sent out to the whole school. Some other activities I am involved in is Young Men of Purpose, Student Council, basketball, and football.


Brayton Laster, reporter

I am Brayton Laster, also known as The Pizza Man. I am currently a senior here at GHS and this is my 3rd year being a reported on Timberlines. I like being able to write stories about my community and engage and form bonds with community members that I would have never known existed otherwise. I also race professional race cars throughout most of the year, almost every week I am traveling to go race somewhere in my Super Dirt Late Model. These cars push over 900 horsepower and reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour depending on the track. My racing nickname is Brayton The Master of Disaster Laster because I am known for tearing up a lot of stuff on the track.


Rachel McDonald, feature editor & photographer

This is my third year as a photographer and feature editor on Timberlines staff. I most enjoy portrait and sports photography, and I also take nature photos. Aside from school, I take portrait photos for people and I will also shoot events. I am involved in 4H, which I also do photography in. I have won several awards through 4H with my photography, such as reserve champion for my division and earning a state fair entry for my project. I began taking photos five years ago, and the more I learn and grow, the more I love it.


Grace Nuhfer, photo coordinator

My name is Grace Nuhfer and I have been on staff for the past three years. For the past twoyears, my position has been photo coordinator. I assign the photographers their assignments,help them when they need it, and make sure everything is ready and organized for thedesigners. My favorite part about being on staff is being able to take photos at sporting eventsand coming together as a group to create an amazing publication. I have also been a part of theswim team, Mayor’s Youth Council, and National Honors Society.


Ruby Olston, feature editor

I am a bubbly and passionate journalist. I enjoy many activities outside of journalism, but writing, editing, and designing are some of my favorite things to do.  I love to dig deep and get the most information out of a story, even if it I have to go the extra mile. Journalism is more than an elective for me, it is my favorite part of my day.


Conner Peckinpaugh, graphic designer & reporter

My name is Conner Peckinpaugh, and I am a junior reporter and graphic designer. I make graphics for stories that are difficult to take pictures of like the election, movies, and albums. What I like most about newspaper is being able to do what I want to eventually do as a career. Alongside Timberlines, I am involved with the band program, swimming, and I am a GHS ambassador.


  Madison Peckinpaugh, news editor

My name is Madison Peckinpaugh. I am a junior and have been on the Timberlines staff for two years, and this year I am one of the news designers. My favorite part about being on staff has to be how much fun the start-to-finish process is when putting together the paper. I love being able to see the whole process go from blank pages on the computer, to physical prints ofall the hard work put in it every month. Outside of staff and school, I am a competitive swimmer and I compete for the GHS swim team, as well as for the Greenwood Gators club team.


  Elijah Poe, sports editor & magazine editor

My name is Elijah Poe and this year, my position on staff is Sports Editor. I love working on the newspaper to see something everyone works so hard on eventually come together into something others can read and enjoy. The whole staff is always really fun each year and it’s a class I enjoy a lot. I also play golf through the school and IGA.


Ethan Pringle, reporter

My name is Ethan Pringle. I’m an reporter, my favorite part of newspaper is obviously writing , it’s fun especially when you get a good topic that you like and know stuff about , I also like everyone in the class, it is always a fun period and without a doubt my favorite class. I do football, young man of purpose, and I commentate basketball games.


Eric Reingardt, reporter

I am Eric Reingardt and I am a reporter for Timberlines. What I like most about being on staff is it is my outlet for expressing myself. I can’t do any other art form, but I like writing.


  Jacob Rose, photographer

I started taking a journalism class my freshman year. I originally thought journalism was about only writing, so I thought it was going to be a very boring class. Turns out journalism and newspaper have been my favorite class every year so far! Currently, I am a photographer for the newspaper. I love taking pictures of band, sports, and nature.


  Abigail Stuber, reporter

My name is Abby Stuber and I am a junior at Greenwood. This is my second year on staff as a writer. I love writing opinion pieces and reviews on the newest media. Outside of newspaper, I love fashion, reading, and writing.


  Jack Titzer, sports editor

My name is Jack Titzer, I am a reporter and I also help edit one of the sports pages. The thing I like most about being on the newspaper staff is just the environment it is a really fun thing to be a part of and the staff is awesome, I also like the independent aspect like we get an assignment at the beginning of the week and get all week to doit. Other than being on the newspaper staff I am also apart of the football team, student council and I help commentate the boy’s varsity basketball games along with Ethan Pringle. I love newspaper and it is by far my favorite part of the day.


  Amy Luttrell, photographer

My name is Amy Luttrell, and I’m a sophomore. I took journalism last year, and this is my first year on staff as a photographer. My favorite thing to do is take pictures of sports. It allows me to express my creativity in a way that I love. I haven’t been on the Timberlines staff for long, but I really like it a lot so far.


  Justin Waddell, reporter

My name is Justin Waddell and I am a reporter on the GHS Timberlines Newspaper staff.I love the people involved and it is always a fun environment to be around, and the stories are always fun to write. I do not do much in my free time other than just hang out with my friends and play basketball at the park when it is warm.


  Naomi Weaver, opinion editor & photographer

This is my second year as a photographer and page editor on staff. My favorite photos to take are sports photos or any photos that allow me to be creative with subjects or angles. I love being able to work on Page 6 and come up with unique designs for every issue. I really enjoy being a part of a staff where we get to create a unique publication every month.




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