Girls Basketball Preview


The girls basketball season is just around the corner, and the team is preparing for great things to happen on the court.

Senior Quinn Kelly said that the team is ready to compete and they are determined to win.

“I think this season will be a lot more successful than it has been in years past. We all have higher expectations for ourselves and each other, and we are ready to fight more than we have the past couple of years,” Kelly said.

Freshman Olivia Ford said the team needs to focus and work together.

“Our team works very well together, and we all have a lot of determination and dedication. I think that this will help us this season to win games and do well. As long as we continue to work as a team and push each other, I think that we will do great,” Ford said.

Many people are excited to see how the team will use their skills this season, including sophomore Stasia Buckalew.

“I think that this season will go really well. We have the talent and the determination to bring it all together. This year we have lots of girls that have either played other sports or have played for the AAU. Lots of the girls have very good ball handling and shooting skills. Everyone is good at our own specialties. Our coaches make sure we work hard to be the best version of ourselves. We constantly keep the intensity up each day and we are constantly fixes our mistakes,” Buckalew said.

Mental attitude and strong leadership are key.

“This season I think the overall mental attitude is much better. We have a lot of vocal leaders, and we are very strong together. I would say the most vocal leaders are Lily Hommel, Emily Metzger, and me. We all give a lot of constructive criticism to everyone, but we contribute positive feedback too. We all cheer on people on both JV and varsity. We also encourage new players to make them more confident,” Kelly said.

Basketball can be used as an escape from reality.

“It’s been my rock. It’s been a place for me to escape when I’m stuck in my head. I have always felt comfort in just holding a ball or shooting around. It has always stuck with me,” Kelly said.

High school expectations are much higher than the expectations in middle school, and freshman Olivia Ford is planning on working hard to meet them.

“I am very excited to compete in high school games. There are a lot higher expectations in high school compared to middle school, and I want to work as hard as I can to reach those expectations. This is my first year on the high school team, and I am looking forward to working with my teammates this season,” Ford said.

Buckalew said that COVID has brought the team together.

“I think since a lot of us have been together now and through the hard time of COVID, we will support and pick each other up a lot more. During tournament time we always listen to music and get each other hyped up for the game and it is always a great time to be around the team,” Buckalew said.

Kelly is looking forward to seeing the team grow.

“I’m looking forward to having a really strong team. We are definitely excited to come out with a lot of energy this year. I think our defense this year is going to be really good. We have really long people this year and also very fast people, so we are really looking to get steals and push the ball up the court a lot. The fans will also get to see better shooting this year. Over the off season, we have all really improved on shooting whether its 3s or mid-range jumpers. We all have our best areas where we always hit,” Kelly said.

Tournaments help create a very positive atmosphere, which makes Buckalew excited to compete.

“My favorite part of the season is when tournaments come around and we all get very excited. No matter what happens on the floor during the season, people are always cheering for each other. Even people who are sitting out are always cheering on their teammates and we are always trying to help each other out,” Buckalew said.

Ford wants to continue the joy of middle school basketball into high school basketball.

“I love competing and working with my teammates. Middle school basketball was a blast, and I cannot wait to see how the high school team competes together,” Ford said.

Basketball allows Kelly to stay busy and hang out with her friends.

“My favorite part of the basketball season is staying busy and being with the people I love. I love to have something to do all of the time, and it really helps that I get to stay very busy with people that I enjoy being around. I also really like seeing my improvements during the season. We haven’t played in a couple of months so it is always interesting to see how the practice and work that I have put in actually plays out during the games,” Kelly said.