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Timberlines photographers share their work through the printed and online school newspaper. Click on the photographer below to see a photo gallery of selected works for 2021-2022.


Corey Bentz, photographer  

Since I was younger, my mom had always had her camera in her hand and would document every moment of our life. As we moved, she got busy, and her camera was stolen, so she couldn’t continue what she loved. I’ve always wanted to carry on what she loved. I’m really excited to be on the Timberlines staff and show what I can do.


Braelynn Dotson, photographer

My name is Braelynn Dotson, and I’m a photographer on the Timberlines staff. I really like experimenting with many different angles and locations when I am taking photos. I like taking sports photos because there is a lot of room for creativity and there is a lot of time to adjust and get the perfect photo. I have been on the staff for three years, and I have enjoyed my time as a photographer.


Ian Flowers

I started taking photos in my freshman journalism class, and I found myself constantly trying to take the best photos. I became a photographer for the newspaper staff my sophomore year, and I’ve been doing it ever since. I am now entering my senior year and have a high expectation for myself. Being a photographer allows me to be creative and look at things from different angles. If I could choose a specific topic to take photos of, I think I would have to say cars, houses and busy areas.


Evan Jacobs, photographer

I started taking a journalism class my freshman year. Currently, I am a senior. Because I thought journalism was about only writing, I thought it was going to be a very boring class. Turns out journalism and newspaper have been my favorite class every year so far! Currently, I am the Photo Coordinator for the newspaper. I love taking pictures of musicians, sports and nature.


Amy Luttrell, photographer

My name is Amy Luttrell, and I’m a sophomore. I took Journalism 1 last year, and this is my first year on staff. I’m a photographer. My favorite thing to do is take pictures of sports. It allows me to express my creativity in a way that I love. I haven’t been on the Timberlines staff for long, but I really like it a lot so far.


Rachel McDonald, feature editor

This is my third year as a photographer and feature editor on Timberlines staff. I most enjoy portrait and sports photography, and I also take nature photos. Aside from school, I take portrait photos for people, and I also shoot events. I am involved in 4H, which I also do photography in. I have won several awards through 4H with my photography, such as reserve champion for my division and earning a State Fair entry for my project. I began taking photos five years ago, and the more I learn and grow, the more I love it.


Jacob Rose, photographer

I started taking a journalism my freshman year. I originally thought journalism was about only writing, so I anticipated a very boring class. Turns out journalism and newspaper have been my favorite class every year so far! Currently, I am a photographer for the newspaper. I love taking pictures of band, sports and nature.


Grace Taylor, photographer

I enrolled in the high school’s photography class as a sophomore, but I wish I would’ve gotten started in the Journalism program sooner. It’s grown to become my favorite class. On the day I picked up my mom’s old camera, I fell in love with taking pictures. I’ve been through many cameras since then but still love taking pictures of anything and everything. My favorite things to photograph are weddings, sports and my friends.


Naomi Weaver, news editor & photographer

This is my second year as a photographer and page editor on staff. My favorite photos to take are sports photos or any photos that allow me to be creative with subjects or angles. I love being able to work on Page 6 and come up with unique designs for every issue. I really enjoy being a part of a staff where we get to create a unique publication every month.














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