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Rachel McDonald, editor-in-chief

Hi, I am Rachel McDonald and I am the editor-in-chief on staff. This is my fourth year and last year on Timberlines. I enjoy designing, taking photos, and creating something new all the time on staff. Aside from school, I take portrait photos for people, and I also shoot events. I am involved in 4H, FCA, and church. I enjoy skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, and reading. Newspaper is the highlight of my day every day. After high school, I plan to study communications.


Henry Barrett, reporter

My name is Henry Barrett. I am a sophomore, and this is my first year as a reporter. I run cross country and track and play on the basketball team. My favorite part about being on staff is working on stories with my friends.


Corey Bentz, photographer

Since I was younger, my mom had always had her camera in her hand and would document every moment of our life. As we moved, she got busy, and her camera was stolen, so she couldn’t continue what she loved. I’ve always wanted to carry on what she loved. I’m really excited to be on the Timberlines staff and show what I can do.


Maggie Boyce, videographer

My name is Maggie Boyce, and I’m a junior. I’m the multimedia editor for Timberlines, and I create segments and sometimes write stories, too. I love experimenting with different techniques to enhance stories and create visuals for them. Outside of Newspaper, I’m involved in volleyball, tennis, Ambassadors, 4-H, NHS. Also, I’m the president of my class in Student Council.


Sam Cassel-Bertolet, photographer

My name is Sam Cassel-Bertolet, and I am a sophomore. I am a first year photographer, and I love taking photos of day to day life and sports. I run cross country and track for GHS.


Brady Cave, opinion editor

My name is Brady Cave. This is my first year on staff, and I am an opinion editor. I play football and do track and field. I like the fun atmosphere it brings and all of the people in the class. I joined because Journalism 1 was my favorite class and I heard a lot of good things about it.


Logan Connor, reporter

Hi I’m Logan Connor. I am a junior on the Timberlines staff. It is my second year on staff and third year in the Journalism program. I am a reporter, the Feature page designer, and help run the social media accounts. The best part of being on staff is seeing every issue look good after all the hard work we put in. Along with working on staff, I play on the varsity baseball team.


Makena Cruse, reporter

My name is Makena Cruse, I am involved in Timberlines, FCA, Student Council, SAAC, GHS buddies, track and field, cross country, and soccer. I enjoy writing for Timberlines because it gives me the opportunity to express myself through writing stories. This is my second year in the Journalism program but my first year on staff.


Wyatt Flowers, entertainment editor

My name is Wyatt Flowers, and I’m a junior. I am the Entertainment page editor and Podcast Director on the Timberlines staff. I enjoy being a part of the team because it is so fun! I also play for the Greenwood baseball team.


Olivia Ford, photographer

My name is Olivia Ford, and I’m a sophomore.  I took journalism 1 last year, and this is my first year on staff.  I am a photographer.  I enjoy taking pictures of sports because that allows me to have time to get a photo that I like.  Even though I have not been on staff that long, I am enjoying it so far.


Madison Hebert, photographer

My name is Maddie Hebert, and I’m a junior. I’m a photographer on the Timberlines staff. I really like taking photos of people just doing their thing. Outside of newspaper, I’m involved in tennis and Service Club.


Keyara Johnson, photographer

My name is Keyara Johnson, and I’m a photographer on the Timberlines staff. I took Journalism 1 last year, and this is my first year on staff. My favorite thing about being a photographer is getting to take pictures of all the different sports. Newspaper has been my favorite class so far this year. It’s a great environment with great people; we all work our hardest to make the issue as great as possible.


Deniz Karakus, reporter

My name is Deniz, and I am a news editor on staff. My favorite part of being on staff is making new friends and talking to new people. Outside of class, I am on Student Council, Speech and Debate Team, and Service Club.


Alex Kramer, opinion editor

My name is Alex Kramer. I’m a sophomore and an opinion editor on Timberlines. Being involved in journalism has been one of the best things in these last two years. The people in the class make it enjoyable, and the freedom I have is amazing. I love being able to express people’s opinions through writing and showing new things happening at the school. I’m also involved in football and track.


Nathan Kremer, sports editor

My name is Nathan Kremer, and I am a senior. I am a sports editor, and this will be my third year on the Timberlines staff. I am part of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) and National Honor Society, and I also play football and basketball. Being on this staff has been a blast over the last couple of years. My favorite thing about this staff is getting to be part of one of the best newspaper staffs in the state and the country.


Amy Luttrell, photographer coordinator

My name is Amy Luttrell, and I’m a junior. This is my second year on Timberlines as a photographer. My favorite thing to do is take pictures of sports. It allows me to express my creativity in a way that I love. I’m looking forward to my second year of taking photos.



Tatum Syers, photographer

Hello! I’m Tatum Syers. I am a photographer on the staff. This is my first year on staff, and I am super excited. I absolutely love taking pictures, and this is one of the best and most exciting ways to be able to do that. I can’t wait to see what my Timberlines journey becomes!


Sam Thompson, reporter

My name is Sam Thompson. This is my first year on staff, and I am a reporter. I decided to join the newspaper staff because I loved my J1 class and I enjoyed writing stories. I love being on the staff because I liked the topic for my story and I enjoy being in class with the rest of the staff every day. I also participate in soccer, basketball, and baseball.


Jack Titzer, sports editor

My name is Jack Titzer, I am a senior on staff, and I am a sports editor and reporter. Other than newspapers, I am a part of the football team, Ambassadors, and Young Men with Purpose. My favorite part about the newspaper is the fun work environment where we can produce the best newspaper.


Naomi Weaver, photo coordinator & feature editor

This is my third year as a photographer and page editor on staff. My favorite photos to take are sports photos and any photos that allow me to be creative with subjects or angles. I love being able to work on Page 8 and come up with unique and colorful designs for every issue. I really enjoy being a part of a staff where we get to create an award-winning publication every month.


Dominik Williams, reporter

My name is Dominik Williams, and I’m a reporter for the Timberlines. This is my first year on the newspaper staff but second year in the journalism program. I’m very excited to write for the paper this year, especially about GHS sports. I also play football and run track.




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