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Members of the school newspaper staff record a weekly podcast. Here are the most recent podcasts available:


Back Row Podcasts (2023-2024)

Back Row Podcast Sept. 29 (athletes & mental health)

Back Row Podcast Aug. 10 (fall sports)


Back Row Podcasts (2022-2023)

Back Row Podcast May 10 (spring sports sectionals & golf stories)

Back Row Podcast March 17 (aliens, conspiracy theories, deja vu)

Back Row Podcast Feb. 17 (high school & college baseball)

Back Row Podcast Jan. 27 (2023) (state journalism convention, NFL conference championships, Super Bowl, pro football hirees

Back Row Podcast Jan. 6 (2023) (the Damar Hamlin emergency, intramurals, the swim team, the wrestling team, new turf, and football coach interviews)

Back Row Podcast Oct. 21 (2022) (Hockey)

Back Row Podcast Sept. 7 (2022) (Andrew Tate situation, New Principal & Athletic Director, Fall Sports)


Journalism 1 Podcasts

Siblings (Myleigh Bryant, Audrey Costelow, Grayson Sandman, Chloe Smither)

TV Shows (Jalee Brown, Halie Steinbruegge, Gunner Ruppert, Acen Swain)

Social Media (Isaac Apgar, Waveland Goodrich, Ethan Lobb, Kenzie McAtee)

Music (Audryanna Cox, Mya Grafton, Ashley Karlsson, Abby Wilcox)

iPhones (Damien Hoagland, Jason Hurley, Jovial Johnston, Ava Turner)

Social Media (Arin Handy, Alayna Kord, Nick Titzer)

Mental Health (Ava Augustine, Leanne Graves, Xavier Messer, Hannah Robinson)

Music (Ashleigh Brown, Gillian Semmler, Aiden Walton)

Social Media (Addie Rosebrock, Rachel Spivey, Andrew Vornheder)

Ryker Webb Disappearance (Kinsley Clark, Deiana Forde, Dylan Miner)

Bad Habits (Ali Skirvin, Darryl Smith, Legan Wright)

School Start Times (Emma Holman, Jake Leech, Bre Wheatley)








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