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Students go viral on TikTok


Class after class, the popular social media app know as TikTok can be seen on students screens. Some students have stood out by making themselves appear on their classmates’ screens.

Track athletes junior Jeremiah Carter, senior Amare Middleton, freshman Davion Jones and junior Will Riley attracted more than a million views after dancing on the Whiteland football field during a track meet.

“We didn’t really expect it, but on the bus ride home from the meet, it got like to a thousand views, and we were all hyped up for that. We didn’t expect it to go that viral obviously, but we were pretty stoked when it did,” Riley said. “Last time I checked it had like 1.1 million views, and the comments were… I don’t really want to talk about the comments.”

The video was posted by Carter under the username @czjxjay. The video has 185.6 thousand likes and at least 12,000 favorites and is accompanied with the humorous caption ‘track sheesh’

“My friend Amare he just wanted to make the TikTok, and it wasn’t working on his phone so I was like ‘let’s do it on mine,’ and we did. It just blew up. I just thought it would get like 300-400 likes. Then when we got back on the bus, it just kept climbing,” Carter said, “We are still going to be making TikToks so more to come.”

Senior Maggie Boyce has been known to have a couple of TikToks grab the attention of users and her fellow students’ screens.

“I have two main ones that I did. One of them was me and my friend talking about how we talk to boys we’re not supposed to, and the other was about girls body-shaming other girls,” Boyce said. “I think it’s kind of fun, and obviously, I think everyone thinks it’s kind of fun to go viral and get a lot of views and likes. It’s just entertaining to make with my friends.”

Sophomore Cassandra Matts’s attention on TikTok stems from her singing talent. Matts received Outstanding Soloist at State Finals.

“I post whatever I see basically. I don’t really have a favorite TikTok, but the ones that get the most views are mostly the ones of me singing,” Matts said.


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