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Managers play key role


Every team has its star player; however, the most overlooked key role on any team are its team managers. 

Sophomore Moriah Ellington who grew up with her father as the coach of the GMS football team, is no stranger to the sidelines of football games. 

“I have been on the sidelines of football games and practices tons of times since I was younger. My dad was a coach, my brother a player, and my sister a manager. They all really inspired me to become a manager. Football has pretty much just been a part of my life, and being on the sidelines is somewhere I feel comfortable and love being. The thing I love most though is probably being able to serve others and actually doing something instead of sitting around all day,” Ellington said.

Senior Hailey Pecknipaugh was able to find friendships and a love for a sport she never thought possible. Even if she never made her way onto the pitch, she still had fun being a part of the team.

“I began managing the soccer team two years ago when I realized that a lot of my friends were on the soccer team and Mr. Appelbaum came to Greenwood. The team was always so positive and dedicated to their sport that spending time with them and helping them ended up being one of my favorite parts of the year. The team is what made me want to continue managing for the last two years of high school. Also, Mr. Appelbaum was one of my favorite teachers as soon as he showed up to Greenwood, and he offered me the manager position as soon as I said that I wanted to get involved in more at the school,” Pecknipaugh said.

Being able to enjoy the comradery of the positive girls basketball team without ever stepping onto the court is a role sophomore Melanie Le unexpectedly found herself in this season.

“One of the players is my ride home from school every day and so when the coach noticed I stayed around a couple of days, she asked me if I wanted to become a manager. I was open to the idea. The people that inspire me the most I would say is just the whole team with their positivity,” Le said.

Being a manager includes many jobs that people often do not think about. Managers are an essential part of a successful team.

“Being a good football manager includes anything from filling up waters during practice, and making sure they are constantly filled to coming in Saturday morning to do laundry. Being a football manager isn’t always fun, but sometimes in life, you have to do the things you don’t want to do to earn the right to do the things you want to do,” Ellington said.

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