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Baseball steps up to the plate against Southport


GHS’s baseball team steps up to the plate against the Southport Cardinals tomorrow

“I think we have a good chance of winning. We have a strong offense, and our defense needs to stay just as strong. Our pitchers need to throw strikes so we can get outs. To prepare for games, we get to the field a few hours before. We stretch, throw BP on the field, we throw, and do a quick infield-outfield where we take ground balls and pop-flys,” sophomore Eli Mason, infielder, said.

Time away from sports can feel like an eternity, but once clearned to play, the skys the limit.

“It’s hard mentally coming back from an injury, but it’s a great feeling knowing that you finally get to play again. I was anxious the whole season, but now that I can play I’m super excited. It’s even more special to me because it’s my senior season and I get to play with all of my teammates again so I’m happier more than anything,” senior Cade Kelly, pitcher, said.

Warm ups for games and practices can shape the way the game goes.

“I expect it to be a tough game. It might be a little cold in the morning which could affect the way the game goes, but as a team, we have to move through that and focus on the game. Before I pitch a game, I make sure to always do bandwork and some plyometrics just so I can get myself prepared to pitch. I sometimes add in long toss as well. All of these things get me loose and help me perform better,” senior Brendan Bailey, pitcher, said.

New seasons bring new challenges

“Last year against Southport, we beat them two times, and I expect to do the exact same this year. They weren’t very good last year, and I feel like our team has definitely improved since last year so I have faith in winning again. The games are both away, but I don’t think that will change much,” Kelly said.

Upperclassmen help hold the team together.

“We have a double header against Southport this year. Last year, we went 2-0 against them, and I think we will do the same this year. They lost some seniors last year, and we have a pretty strong team this year so I have a good feeling about the game. When we do the pregame, we get there about 2-3 hours early to make sure we get a good warmup so we’re prepared to play,” junior Ethan King, outfielder, said.

Eating healthy and staying hydrated can help athletes perform to the best of their abilities

“We have to be back at the field by 3:30. So typically I like to go home, shower, eat, then come back and get ready for the game. When I eat after school, it’s almost alway a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,” Kelly said.


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