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New coaches take the helm for Spring


For the start of the new season, GHS has made some coaching changes.

One of the biggest spring sports softball teams is gearing for this season along with new coach Sara Allison.

Coach Allison said,” I want to change the culture of the Greenwood softball program. For too long, these girls have come in and said they can’t do many things, when in fact they can. For example, the first week of off season practice I mentioned that I wanted to have a winning record, and the girls looked at me crazy. I am doing my best to motivate them and help them understand that this is a game of failure, and they have to let any mistakes/errors go and move on.”

Following the 4-20 record last year Coach Allison pinpointed some ways they need to make improvements.

She said,” I think the girls will have to change their mindsets. Many are scared to fail when this is a game of failure. I am trying to get the girls to understand that they need to focus on the next play and that all of the plays prior do not matter. Another thing we will have to change is understanding that the homeruns will not win ball games. Yes, they help, but they are not what help us in the long run. I want the girls to know that getting on base and being aggressive will help us win games. When we have runners on base, we need girls who are not swinging for the fences rather than getting those base hits, so that we can move runners.”

She plans to change this program and everything that comes with it.

She said,” This school is completely different from other schools I have been at. At Greenwood, it’s not just one coach calling the shots. Every person at the school has a buy-in mentality. This helps these kids succeed. For example, Jarod Watson pushes every single student athlete to be his or her best every single week so that Greenwood athletics can be the best they can be. I took this job because I knew there was room to grow and I know the athletes are here, but they need to be pushed so they can get to the next level.”

Boys golf is a team that has had success and Coach Michael Brooks is looking to improve and make it even better this upcoming season.

Coach Brooks said,” I am implementing a Purposeful Practice. Basically, we will focus on certain shots and aspects of the three components of the game, which are hitting, chipping, and putting.”

Coach Brooks mentioned he is implementing a new practice plan and show that will affect the Players new practice pattern. Players will adapt to this new change and help improve their game.

Coach Brooks said,” Hopefully, they will learn how to focus their practice to reflect in their match play, strengthen the weak areas of their game, and keep their strengths consistent. Improving their play and knowledge of the game will make it more enjoyable for them.

Unified Track and Field will have a new coach, Mr. Pete Guipe has a lot to tell us about this upcoming season.”

Coach Guipe said,” The main objective, at least here at Greenwood, of any Unified team is for everyone to have fun and bond. I will say some other schools are starting to lose sight of the fun part and are becoming overly competitive.”

Coach Guipe has been a coach at GHS for several years and explained why he chose to be the Unified track coach.

He said, “I was on the football staff for eight years where you practice or meet every day except Sunday with the team. In Unified Sports, you practice twice a week if you don’t have a game or meet. Also, it is a struggle getting enough of our special needs kids to participate because there is no school transportation after practices or meets. Basically, if a bus can’t bring a student home, the parents or guardians don’t let them participate.”

Unified track gives those who can’t participate in traditional sports a way to enjoy and show their athletic abilities.

Coach Guipe said,” I hope to have at least one or two athletes who have never been on a team because of their perceived disabilities. Our student athletes who assist these kids are awesome, and it is a joy to see them interact.”

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