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Sports impact student life


Sports have a much bigger impact on students’ lives than most people think. 

Sports allow athletes to make important friendships. 

“All of my sports teams feel like a family. I have created great bonds with people that I now couldn’t imagine life without. My friendships with the girls on my soccer and tennis teams are relationships that I am very thankful for,” junior Joelle Young said.

Team bonding activities also create friendships.

“A lot of my best friends are from sports. Whether it is cross country or wrestling, there are always gatherings outside of school that are really fun. The cross country team has a lot of pasta dinners and team hangouts that are really fun,” sophomore Jackson Frahm said. 

Sports also affect students’ lives in other ways. 

“Sports have helped me to have a great community of friends and keep a healthy and happy life. Sports have always been a big part of my life, even since I was playing in the backyard with my family,” Young said. 

Sports have allowed students to become better people.

“Sports have helped me grow as a person because they have brought out the worst in me. That might sound counterproductive, but they have helped me learn from my mistakes and become the person I am today,” Young said. 

Sports also improve people’s work ethic.

“I have definitely gotten a stronger work ethic through sports. In cross country, we have practice almost every day of the week, and to stay in shape, we have to run year-round. In basketball, we work on shooting and other drills which have helped me learn that the best way to get better at something is to practice,” freshman Jack Siminski said.

Toughness is a major aspect of student’s lives that sports improve.

“Being in wrestling has definitely made me tougher. We have pretty tiring practices every day, and we put in a lot of work to get better. It is definitely mentally challenging, but it has made me stronger as a person,” Frahm said.

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