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Vending machine possibly shut down

The hall passes did not work as administrators hoped so they had to change plans. 

The administration turned off the vending machines during the school day and made them only available before and after school hours as an attempt to have less students in the halls. 

“I don’t think the vending machines should be shut down because I think they are valuable to students who don’t like school lunches and possibly forget to pack their own and by taking them away I think it’s just taking away the privilege to eat for some kids,” sophomore Mattie Ramsey said. 

Students do not want them shut down. 

“I feel like vending machines being down is good and bad. Good because it keeps kids in the classroom but bad because kids can not get snacks. I know a few people who don’t agree, for example my friend is really upset that the vending machines are down, and she got super mad when she heard about it,” senior Doug Hobbs said. 

If students are not in the hallway being disruptive, then many people do not see a problem with having them on during school. 

“I don’t think it will go in the school’s favor by keeping us out of the hallways. If anything, I feel as if it may attract more students because they will want to meet up to trade snacks. Also right now, teachers don’t even let students go to the vending machines so mostly the only time we use them is during PowerHour, lunch, and passing period which isn’t disruptive at all to anyone,” Ramsey said. 

The main point of this was to keep students out of the hallway during class time, but what if students are not only in the halls for the vending machines? 

“I don’t think it will keep kids out of the hallway, but it will obviously keep us from the vending machines,” senior Kobe Keithley said.  

The administrators have seen great change in it despite the students being unhappy with the change. 

“I have got no feedback from anyone, not students or teachers, so I’m guessing that it is working. We also have noticed less people in the hallway so from my understanding, it is working out in our favor,” Principal Michael Gasaway said. 


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