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Mrs. Busch set to retire after 30 years at GHS


After serving GHS for more than 30 years, Mrs. Karen Busch has decided to retire and take the next step in her life. 

Mrs. Busch spent the early part of her career as a teacher in the Math Department. Teaching everything from algebra to geometry to students throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. 

“I taught math from 1991 to 2012,” Mrs Busch said. “I taught almost everything from General Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trig, Pre-Cal, Stats/Prob.”

Out of all of the topics Mrs. Busch taught, Trig and Pre Calc held a higher spot in her hierarchy of favorites. 

“I really enjoyed teaching Trig and Pre Calc,” Mrs. Busch said. “I loved teaching the junior classes, and I liked the content of the topic.”

Although she had not planned on making a move after spending time in the Math Department, Mrs. Busch decided to move up into an administrative role becoming an assistant principal. 

“To be honest, I never planned on or wanted to become an administrator,” Mrs. Busch said. “I chose to get my license because my husband got diagnosed with a liver disease and we knew we could not raise three children on my teaching salary alone. I became the assistant principal in 2012 and fell in love with the administrative staff and the opportunity to work with the whole student body and teachers, not just the Math Department.”

Mrs. Busch touched the lives of many students over the years. Known for her tough loving personality, she connects with students during lunch, walking around the cafeteria monitoring and making sure to stop by and say hello.

“She always comes up to us at lunch to see us and ask how we are doing,” senior Luke Smith said. “She’s always there to say hi and talk to us even when she is dealing with things within the school, like students acting out and keeping students in line. She has a tough love personality that makes her fun to talk to at lunch. She always has a smile on her face even if she is mad at us for our attendance or something irresponsible we do.”

In the four years students are at GHS, most do not spend a lot of time around Mrs. Busch. She usually deals with students who have behavioral issues. But some, like Smith, enjoy joking around with her.

“I had attendance problems, and she was always on my back about that. It turned into a fun situation with her bothering me about things like that. I am thankful for her getting on me about it, though, since it pushed me back to having better attendance. We made a deal: if I had better attendance numbers, she would give me my diploma at graduation. I would not want anyone other than her to give it to me. She’s always there for us,” Smith said.

In a job as challenging as hers, Mrs. Busch still makes time for the kids and to have a laugh with the kids around the school.

“She always wants to ask how I’m doing and is there for us,” senior Dominic Soubeih said. “If she is dealing with a student or upset parents, we would never know because she always has her composure and makes time to joke with us whether at the lunch table, school events or just in the hallways.”

Over the years, Mrs. Busch has made many connections with staff and administrators. Spending more than 30 years at GHS, Mrs. Busch has made memories with students during the good and bad times.

“I have made many amazing memories here at Greenwood,” Mrs Busch said. “I get to work alongside people who care about the school and the kids. Having students who were willing to do anything for me in the classroom, handing students their diplomas at graduation, and being present at funerals to be there for students during hard times. I made many lifelong relationships and friendships here, and I pray that I have made as much of a positive impression on the students at GHS. Teaching and administrating gave me a purpose, and I would not change anything for the world.”

Mrs. Busch has not yet made a decision on what she will pursue after retirement, but GHS is thankful for the dedication and care she has displayed over her years of service.

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