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ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Competition


Greenwood band is a powerhouse in the Indiana band scene. They have 32 total state appearances with 22 Top 3 finishes and 10 State titles.

Band members will travel to Bloomington North next Saturday to show their dominance with solos and small groups. The ISSMA solo and ensemble competition gives students an opportunity to perform music as solos or with groups. They choose music from different categories based on difficulty. Judges critique them, and they earn gold, silver, bronze ratings. They receive medallions that are gold, silver, and bronze, too.

Sophomore Sydney Branch, drummer, said, ” I have rehearsed over and over again to make sure this performance is the best it can be. I feel like I have put together the best performance entertainment wise. ”

Following the State appearances, it is pretty evident that they know how to prepare for a competition.
Sophomore James Brisby, base drummer, is ready.

Brisby said, ” I have looked over and gone through everything multiple times to make sure I have everything down to the point, so I am excited to get out there and show off my work.”

In a Solo and Ensemble there are not just solos that compete, there are also groups.

Senior Mason Chance said, ” My ensemble and I have worked on our piece by meeting in Powerhour on Thursdays and then working outside of those meetings to improve on our own.”

Preparing for a competition is just a little part of why the band does it. They also improve on a personal level.

Branch said, ” I believe that a group would be better for improvement, but I really just needed to get my skill to improve so that is why I chose to be a solo for this competition.”

Every band member practices at home and at school.

Brisby said, ” I think that it is important to have good teamwork, but I also think that it is important to know your skill and to improve on it, so I think that a solo would be better for this competition because you can improve on your own without any distractions.”
Groups build teamwork, though.

Chance said, ” I personally think that when you are in a group for the competition, it is better to build teamwork and also your own personal craft because there is a lighter workload. It allows you to play at your highest level.”

The S&E, as Mr. Luke Aylsworth, the band director, Calls it. Has this to say about the Ensemble side of the competition.

He said, ” I think students enjoy these events because it gives them an opportunity to perform alone or in a smaller group. Many of our performances utilize the full band/ensemble. This is a smaller setting, and students have to work on specific skills to perform their best.

After his second-year last year, Mr. Aylsworth has shown what he is about, and his preparation ways and the road is only up from here for the new band director.

Mr. Aylsworth said, ” S&E makes a student practice on their individual areas of weakness. Since it is a solo, there is nowhere to hide. You really have to know the music. I also think it makes our students more confident to perform in front of an audience.”

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