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Students & teachers travel to parks


Imagine a place to connect, have fun, and admire nature; a place that brings the family close and best friends even closer. Now, picture national and state parks, the unexpected source of joy. 

“I’ve been to lots of state parks. This particular one my family and I went to when we were on the way to Florida. The park is in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and it  is called Look Out Battlefield. We mostly walked around outside or in the museum, which is similar to many other national or state parks I have been to. There was also a huge lookout point because it was on a mountain where the battle was fought,”  junior Jenna Martin said. 

State parks connect people with nature and tell the enticing history of America’s past. 

“Since the park was a historic battlefield, the cannons on the battlefield were my favorite part. They made the park stand out from some of the parks I have been to because they helped to paint a picture of the battle that took place at the park. We always go to Florida and end up stopping by a bunch of different national or state parks, but this one I really recommend because it is really pretty and has an interesting story to it,” Martin said.

Opposite to a well-versed traveler, senior Gabe Shelton dreams of mystery and excitement, which is what he will experience  when he gets the chance to visit the park of his dreams. 

“I have never been to a state or national park. However, I really want to visit the Voorhees State Park in Lebanon Township, New Jersey. I found out about the park randomly, wanting to know about parks connected to Crystal Lake in Jersey since that is a landmark I already want to visit. But really, I want to go because it’s connected to my favorite horror film series,” Shelton said. 

A film that has frightened millions of Americans is his  main attraction; that film is Friday the 13th. 

“What really makes me want to visit the park is the fact that it is so connected to the Friday the 13th movies. The park is named after the main character, Jason Voorhees, and it is located in the same town where the movies took place,” Shelton said.

He would not miss out on the chance to share the experience with others.

“I would definitely go to the park with people, probably friends, because I definitely would not want to end up like the camp counselors after they drowned in the movie, even though I am sure they have people to monitor the park,” Shelton said. 

 Some students, like junior Jayci Philips, enjoy the simplicity of national and state parks, but if given the chance, they will go big to make their mark at the Grand Canyon. 

“A park I really want to go to is the Grand Canyon, I think that is a national park. The main thing that makes me want to go is its size. It just looks cool and has just been something I want to explore,” Phillips said.

The serene scene is really what it is all about, and that very scene is what creates bonds.

“I would want to go with my best friends and family, and we would just go see whatever sites are there, take pictures, and explore and escape from stress,” Phillips said. 

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