Bowling team expands


Sam Thompson, Reporter

The bowling team is back in action.

The team is looking for a great season, with addition of a girls’ team. In fact, three teams will exist: boys varsity, boys JV, and girls varsity.

“Personally, I hope to do better than last year and really step it up as a team. I want to make it past Sectionals and make it to my first Regionals. We have three teams this year. So I think with the new players we can do great things,” senior Noah Rosado said.

The bowling team is getting excited this year with all of the chances this team has to become great.

“Our team has looked really good and cohesive this year, and we also have a lot of guys involved in other sports who are going to show up, which is really exciting,” senior David Vandersteen said.

The bowling team encourages new members and fans.

“Being on the bowling team is awesome. The environment is very relaxed and accepting. All the team get along, and we just have a good time while competing,” Vandersteen said.

Bowling has been a sport meant for friends and family who want to have fun, but bowling still keeps its joy even when it becomes a competition.

“It’s a fun group to be around with great energy, just overall fun,” sophomore Alex Skinner said.

The girls bowling team is also looking to be the best they can through their practices at Hi-Way Lanes in Franklin.

“There are some rough bits and some things to work on, but there are also good things about each and every girl on the team,” freshman Mya Gardner said.

Even if practices are fun, there is still a lot of work to be done at practices and there is always room for improvement to help the team.

“Bowling practices are you bowl and you try new things or to fix any mistakes and or perfect and form of bowling you want to be your signature,” Gardner said.

Even though bowling is still a team sport, everyone is focused on themselves and improving their own scores to help out the team.

“I would like to get to 200 once or twice this season,” Skinner said.