Academic teams advance to State


Deniz Karakus , news editor

This year, both the science and the social studies teams advanced to State.

Junior Andrew Soboleski, social studies, explained the team placing seventh.

“State went by quicker than we expected. It was really great to see so many people from other schools excited about this topic and studying it together. Though it wasn’t the performance we hoped for, I was still extremely happy with what we were able to accomplish over the course of the season,” Soboleski said.

This was the science team’s second time advancing to State.

“I personally was aiming for winning State, especially since it was our second year going. We practiced a lot and studied outside of practices to perform our best. Our goal this year was making it to State which we did but also winning it. Although we didn’t win, I’m still proud of my team,” senior Ben Cruser said.

The science team placed fifth.

“My ultimate goal was to win State.  We placed fifth which was not what we were hoping for but still an amazing achievement considering we were competing against the top teams in the state,” senior Mike Keller said.

Freshman Renner Grable is looking forward to coming back next year.

“We’re definitely expecting to improve on our score from this year. We knew it would be a tough competition, and we tried our best. Next year, we will study harder and hopefully make it to State again where we can place higher,” Grable said.

The social studies team is looking forward to a better season next year.

“Going into State, we were just looking to enjoy ourselves and learn about the process for next year. Our expectations weren’t super high, but that’s alright because there was a lot to learn. Overall, I was pleased with my team and our season. Our ultimate goal, especially going into next year, is to get to State once again and place better than we did this year. I think that with everything that we’ve learned from this year, we are more than ready to take on next year. We’ve already started to devise study plans and look for next year’s materials,” Soboleski said.