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Freshmen battle first-year fears

Going into freshman year can be hard, and these freshmen are going through it.

New classes that were not provided in middle school caused worries for freshmen.

“I was most nervous about taking Spanish because I am still learning new things about English,” freshman Jack Siminski said.

Classes are not the only aspects of high school that are more intense. Athletics are much more serious.

“One thing that is different about high school is that APC is taken much more seriously, but in a good way. Mr. Watson makes lifting very competitive and brings energy that causes everyone in the weight room to feel motivated,” Siminski said.

With the addition of new classes, students had to face meeting new teachers, and making a good impression.

“I was most afraid of the teachers I would get. I was also worried about the classes being hard and not being able to keep up. I ended up liking all my teachers, but the classes have been hard to keep up with,” freshman Addison Curry said.

When coming to high school, there are many more responsibilities.

“I have noticed that students are not treated like babies anymore and have to gain responsibilities, like PowerHour and getting to classes on time,” Siminski said.

Teachers and rules are much more strict in high school, and the freshmen are starting to realize.

“The most intimidating thing about high school for me is that the teachers do not seem to hold back when kids are not listening or following the rules. The teachers are much more firm, and are not afraid to hold back on students,” Siminski said.

Taking high school level classes automatically comes with high school level homework. Freshman Lola Trent shows that her fear was not a reality she had nothing to be worried about.

“I was most scared of not being able to balance my homework pretty well,” freshman Lola Trent said.

One of the hardest things about entering a new school is simply finding the way around.

“I was most nervous about getting lost on my way to classes because they are arranged differently than the middle school,” freshman Jaxon Mcilwain said.

In high school, there is a lot more pressure to perform better in classes.

“The most different thing about high school compared to middle school is that the teachers’ expectations are a lot higher. There is much more homework and I have to put a lot more effort into my classes to succeed,” Mcilwain said.

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