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Halloween costumes bring back childhood nostalgia


There was no better feeling than putting the finishing touches to a childhood costume and getting a trick-or-treat basket ready for trick or treating.

Many kids’ costumes are inspired by things that they enjoy: for example, a video game character. 

“My favorite Halloween costume as a kid was my Luigi costume. I loved playing Mario Kart, and my favorite color was green so it was the perfect costume,” sophomore Jackson Frahm said. 

Another common costume for young children were Disney characters. 

“My favorite was Tinkerbell because it was my favorite movie at the time and I met her at Disney World,” junior Isabelle Reynolds said. 

Action-packed television shows and movies also drew a following. Halloween was a chance for many to get to dress up as their favorite heroes. 

“My favorite Halloween costume that I have worn was Superman. Superman was my favorite superhero, and I was basically obsessed with him. I was super excited to get to dress up as him,” sophomore Grady Havens said. 

Although superhero costumes were popular, cactus costumes were not.

“The weirdest Halloween costume I wore was probably my cactus costume when I was 6. I don’t remember why I chose to be a cactus, but it was pretty uncomfortable because I could not move my arms around,” Frahm said. 

When finding a good Halloween costume, sometimes kids had to sacrifice their comfort. That is definitely the case when dressing up in a blow-up costume. 

“The weirdest Halloween costume I had was probably the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I saw him in the Ghostbusters movie, and I thought it would be a cool costume. I got a lot of compliments for the costume, but it was pretty hard to move around in,” Havens said. 

Many children liked to dress up as scary characters to fit the spooky season theme.

“The scariest costume that I have worn was my Two-Face costume. Two-Face is a villain from Batman, and he always scared me when I watched the shows. I chose to wear a different version of the costume. Half of my costume was Batman, and the other half was the Joker,” Havens said.

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