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Students rank Thanksgiving food

The leaves have fallen, the Indiana fall breeze has kicked in, and soon families will gather and kitchens will be filled with the smell of classic Thanksgiving food.

Thanksgiving is a long-time tradition for Americans, but the food has more or less stayed the same over time

“Thanksgiving food has been the same forever. I like the normal stuff, but it’s kind of boring. Thanksgiving needs more flavor. I prefer cheesy savory food. Things like pizza and cheeseburgers will always be better.” sophomore Sophia Rygiel said.

Food is undoubtedly the most present aspect of Thanksgiving and for someone like Jayden Pierce, the most important.

“Food is the most important part of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is nothing without food. You would just sit at a table with your family. No thanks. I’m going to eat every year. My best memories are the amazing food my family makes.” he said.


Perhaps the most common main dish of the holiday is very popular with junior Vincent Mcllwain.

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey probably because I like the flavors and it is really juicy to me and is extremely versatile in terms of dark meat and light meat. I like light meat better because it´s classic,” he said.

Others were passionately against the popular bird.

“Turkey doesn’t have any flavor and is very dry. It’s overrated. So is green bean casserole. I want ham every year its very juicy,” freshman Stella Mulry said.

Some students are picky about their Thanksgiving food.

“I love turkey because it’s just a classic, but it has to be a good turkey. It can’t be a bad one. It has to be juicy and can’t be dry you don’t want a dry turkey. I don’t like stuffing. I’ve never tried it, I just don’t like the look of it so it makes me kind of scared to try it.” junior Will Riley.

Senior Gabriel Shelton shared his view on what people bring to the table.

“Turkey and mashed potatoes are the best because mainly you know it’s homemade. Sadly, when you know someone brings a can, it’s not the best tasting, but at least you know they tried to do something for it,” he said.


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