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Are Hokas worth it?


Hokas are the new fashion.

Freshman Kate Boyce said, “Although the shoes are a bit on the expensive side, it is worth the price in the end because of how much more stability and comfort you get than any other brand.”

Brands have been trying to compete for the comfiest pair of everyday shoes, has Hoka done it with their footwear?

Kate Boyce said, “I have owned a lot of supposedly comfy shoes, but nothing compares to the comfiness, and no one compares to how long Hoka’s shoes last.”

When people go shopping for shoes, they usually try on several pairs.

Boyce said, “I agree I tried on three pairs of shoes before picking out the ones I have now but once I put the Hokas on, it felt like I was walking on clouds, I had never had a pair of shoes like that before.”

When buying shoes, have people ever wondered why exactly some mens and womens shoes are made and fitted differently?

Freshman Benjamin Hommell said, “When I am looking for shoes for running, I am looking comfy but also fast, and when I asked my mom, she said that she had bought a pair of Hokas for herself and recommended them to me. After buying them, they were the comfiest shoes I have owned.”

As a kid my parents always taught me to save my money instead of spending it on small things like toys, but instead on big things down the road like shoes and bikes.

Hommell said, “ I Worked many Saturdays to be able to get the money to be able to buy these shoes, Safe to say that these shoes are definitely worth the price.”

When looking for shoes to buy, people usually find ones they like on someone else and then go and look for them themselves.

Hommell said, “I would tell you to buy these shoes because they are comfy, last a long time, and are a quality pair of footwear.”

When you have a pair of shoes for a certain amount of time they begin to wear down on your feet and end up either ripping or getting too dirty.

Senior Samuel Grimes, “I have had my Hokas since my sophomore year and the ones I bought back then I still wear to this day, they are very reliable and broke into my feet really well. So safe to say they are with the money you pay for them.”

After Online shopping got introduced, going to the store to try on a new pair of shoes became a distant memory.

Grimes said, “I ordered A pair off of their website and they came in a little small for my foot so I went to dicks to find a bigger size and a better color way and those just might be my favorite pair of shoes.”

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