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Jones Soda flavors shocking


Jones Soda has become a popular choice among sodas for its unique flavors and creative packaging.

One of the standout features of Jones Soda is their wide range of flavors. From Zombie Juice and Blood Sucker to our review of Hatche Chili and Lime, Berry Lemonade and, for the season, Turkey and Gravy, these soda are unusual.

First, we samples the Turkey and Gravy that we had to special order from the company. It tasted and smelled exactly like turkey and gravy, but it was not the best tasting for a drink.

“The Turkey and Gravy when I tasted it was so bad that I couldn’t even drink it,” senior Cade Kelly said. “It tasted like vomit, and I really did not enjoy drinking it.”

Junior Isaac Apgar participated in the taste test and had strong opinions about the Turkey and Gravy flavor as well.

“When I first smelled the soda when we opened the bottle, I gagged a little bit. The smell was so bad, and then when I tasted it, it was almost like a gravy mash-up smoothie — like watered down turkey juice. It was disgusting.”

Jones Soda creates creative and eye-catching packaging. The website showcases a ton of designs, making it a fun way to enjoy beverages. The labels often feature photographs submitted by customers, adding a personal touch to the soda experience.

“I thought the photos on the bottles added a nice touch, and they looked pretty cool, too,” Kelly said.

Jones Soda delivers on both taste and quality. The flavors are well-balanced, not overly sweet and offer a refreshing fizz. The soda has a smooth texture and a crisp finish. Different than the Turkey and Gravy, the Hatche Chile and Lime smelled like grass and tasted like green peppers.

“I was not a fan of the smell of the Hatche Chile one,” senior Jake Mosemann said. “It smelled kind of like jalapenos and some grass mixed in. It was a really weird combination. The taste was even worse.”

For the most part, these fun, specialty flavors were unbearable, but one taste stood out as a clear favorite.

“I really enjoyed getting to taste the Blueberry Lemonade one,” Apgar said. “It was very nice compared to the other obscure flavors. We all went back for more of that one and ended up finishing those bottles.”

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