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The KidLAROI Album review

The young Australian artist Charlton Howard otherwise known as The Kid LAROI last dropped an album in 2021 called “Over You”, around 3 years after he had just dropped his new debut album, “The First Time”.

Howard’s album “The First Time” includes 20 songs with 7 features including rising music star “d4vd”, and rap star “NBA Youngboy”.

There has been so much hype in the music industry for this album for a couple of years now, with people all over social media trying to predict when Howard was going to release the album. Howard has always dropped snippets of his songs on the internet for people to listen to, which has gone very well, drawing tons of attention to the release of “The First Time”.

With the album having 20 songs on the dot, I am going to go over my top 5 songs.

My fifth favorite song on the album has got to be “KIDS ARE GROWING UP” it is almost impossible not to have this song in the top five. This song is about Howard and his struggles growing up and comparing it to who he has become today. Speaking on his dedication to the game, and speaking on his faith. He also spoke on his childhood and how he dropped out of school in 9th grade and didn’t even have a house. This song goes out to all the kids who don’t have everything and shows them that if he could do it, so can they.

My fourth favorite song on the album is “THE LINE (feat. d4vd)” this song is a beautiful acoustic song with the combination of LAROI’s vocals and d4vd’s. LAROI’s vocals have improved so much over the years, and to have d4vd in this song he is already known as one of the best vocalists in the music industry. These two sounds like they were meant to be on a song together and it is definitely a song to listen to on a rainy fall day.

My third favorite song on the album is “SORRY”. This song is the introduction of the album and I really don’t think that he could’ve started the album in a better way. This song’s production is absolutely beautiful. It has a beautiful beat and an amazing flow from LAROI to match it. The second half of this song is really what makes it top three on the album. When you hear the hi-hats and the bass drop on the beat it just adds to the bop-ability.

My second favorite on the album is “WHAT JUST HAPPENED ”. This song was dropped as a single 2 weeks before the album was released. Social media has seen plenty of snippets of this song all over the internet but the final version’s chorus is something angelic and something we never could have predicted. I can tell when a song has the capabilities to be on the radio and this is definitely one of those songs that you should expect to hear on the radio soon.

My favorite song on the album is “BLEED”. This song is one of the most beautiful and soul stirring songs I have heard. LAROI speaks on one of his past relationships and talks about the hardships of letting go of her and still thinking about the girl that he loved. He genuinely sounds so hurt in this song, but the vocals that LAROI gave us are absolutely beautiful.


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