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Seniors plan to vote in 2024

Many current students will have the opportunity to cast their votes and make their opinions heard during elections.

Politics have always been a conversation for the parents, but now this can include students, and they are now allowed to get involved in deciding who the next senator, governor, or president will be.

“Students who will be turning 18 before November can now get registered to vote, and this even allows them to take part in the elections for senators and representatives in May even if they aren’t 18 yet,” Mr. Rick Guipe, history teacher, said. 

Teachers are even pushing students to get involved in their country and help make the decision on who leads them because this could be important as they become adults.

“I help my students get registered in my class because I think it is very important for everyone to get involved, even the younger students. I used to have around 80 percent of the younger people voting, and now it is about 50 percent. I want to get those numbers and involvement back up,” Mr. Guipe said.

Some students want to get involved in politics, but they get confused by all the different information about the candidates from different sources and this makes it very hard to pick who the best candidate is.

“The first part when picking a candidate is don’t just choose who your parents vote for. There are some helpful websites that go through all of the political views of the candidates and parties to help decide,” Mr. Jermy Runge Said.

This is not something to be taken lightly. It is very important that the voters get the information on the people running to make sure it is the right candidate for them and there is no other reason for their vote.

“Students should start paying attention to politics now and do some studying on the candidates running so they know what they are doing when election time comes around,” Mr. Guipe said.

When finding the best candidate, some people want to hear them talk about what they will do in office through their debates.

“I don’t like the political debates anymore. They are completely useless. They don’t even talk about politics and more and they always get out of control and they help nobody,” Mr. Runge said. 

One issue that students run into is figuring out how to or where to go to get registered.

“It is very easy for students to register to vote. They can register online at the Indiana voters site, and it is easy to do. You just have to have some way of proving your age and that is it,” Mr. Guipe said.

Some students opt out of voting because they don’t feel like it matters to them because they are so young and it won’t affect them, but that is not the case anymore.

“I think it is very important that students vote because they will be turning into adults and it will be important who is running the country and making the decisions for the next four years,” Mr. Runge said. 

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