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One day trips perfect for Spring Break

Week-long trips are great, but sometimes 24 hours is just enough time to have an experience that will last a lifetime.

“I love visiting the lake. My family owns a boat and a lake house, so we go down there a lot for the summer. Some of the lake days I’ve spent down there are my favorite memories hands down,” senior Kamden Dalton said.

Whether it is a lake day during the summer or a trip to the city, one day vacations can be just as fun as longer trips.

“I love going on day trips with my friends, like going downtown or going to a national park. Anything is fun as long as you’re with the right people. My grandma has a camper at a park by the lake, and she lets me bring all of my friends down for one night. It is super fun,” junior Emma Holman said.

One day trips are great ways to have an inexpensive vacation while still enjoying time with loved ones or friends.

“My lake is about an hour from my house, so we usually just fill up the car before we go. We also buy groceries before we go to stock up for the weekend. We usually spend around $100 just to prepare for the weekend and for gas,” sophomore Hailey Lusk said.

Simple one day trips are by far less expensive than elaborate weeklong or even two weeklong trips. Everyone can go on a one-day trip, even if it’s just exploring a hometown.

“I like one day trips because it’s like a mini vacation. It’s like a chance to get away or recharge without going too far or spending too much money. I like to go on road trips with my dad. We pick a place or even a restaurant we want to eat at and just hop in the car. It’s really fun and not that expensive,” freshman Brandon Eldridge said.

If someone is bored during Spring Break or even over the weekend, a day trip is a great way to fill someone’s time. The world is full of different places to explore and visit.

“Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll just go on a drive and end up somewhere with my friends. We usually go out to eat or go bowling or something fun like that. We even stayed at a hotel once just for a change of scenery,” Dalton said.


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