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Streaming Services offer selection

My dad has always been a sports fan and TV fanatic, so we have used numerous streaming services.

Starting with one of the more popular streaming services, Netflix.

I have never once had an issue with Netflix. They have a great schedule with getting new and never-before-seen shows and movies. Netflix costs around $15.49 a month which is okay but tends to add up to a pretty penny over time. Although Netflix is a little pricy, it is worth every dollar because it makes watching shows and movies extremely easy.

The next streaming service I want to put on this list is YouTube TV.

I never thought that my dad would have YouTube TV because I thought it was just something to watch YouTube ad-free. But I was wrong; it was amazing. I could watch all sports around the world no matter what state it was in. And I could watch any show or movie I wanted for free. But the harsh part is that the base plan comes in at a whopping $72.99 a month. That’s the exact reason we had to move off of it.

There is an extremely underrated streaming service out there called FuboTV.

Fubo is amazing. I get all local games, I get to watch most shows and movies, and I get to watch all the important NBA and NFL games. It also is amazing when it comes to price at just $32.99 a month. My dad and I have been using this streaming service since the summer and it has never let us down. It is so easy to navigate.

Now, there is one streaming service that I absolutely hate on this list, and that is Hulu.

Hear me out. I know that Hulu has some amazing shows on it. For example, I love The Office, The Walking Dead and Family Guy. but the way that people have to watch these shows and sports for cheap is just horrible. I have said to my parents multiple times that I would like to watch my show instead of watching ads because of how long the ad breaks are. I have had ad breaks in between my movies and shows that are five minutes long. I am sorry, but when I am watching a show or a movie, and it starts to get good, and then all of a sudden the screen goes black and the ads start up, it is the worst feeling. When there are better streaming services out there, I would not waste any time messing with Hulu.

Moral of the story is there are plenty of streaming services to choose from. Just have to find the right one that fits people’s wants and needs.

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