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ELL peers help their students


One group of students who often go unnoticed are the ELL students. They are faced with the great challenge of attending school while learning English.

These students need extra help making their way through high school, and GHS has a program for other students personally to help them with school and improve their English. 

“I was actually recommended by a teacher to be in this class. I decided this was something I really wanted to do and now I get to help them every day,” senior Kenna Hussung said. 

This program can really become an eye opener to the difficulties of overcoming a language barrier.

“The best part about doing this is becoming more aware of others and all of the different backgrounds people come from. Everyone grows up differently and has a different story,” sophomore Renner Grable said.

Along with the academic part of high school, social experiences are a huge part of school by making friends, which can be hard when speaking a new language.

“Along with being a teacher for them, you have to also be a friend. At the end of the day, it might be harder for them to put themselves out there. I love having fun and genuine conversations with these students about things outside of school,” Hussung said.

It can take some people five years to learn how to speak a new language fluently, so  this process is difficult.

“We take everything one step at a time to make sure they understand the language enough, and then we continue to build off of that and add more,” Grable said.

This is a great way for any student to find a way to help their peers during school. All they have to do is be ready to help them no matter how long it takes.

“All of the ELL students are at different stages of where their English is. This requires a lot of patience to help them because some take longer to learn things than others. You also have to find the way that student specfically learns best to help them as much as possible,” Hussung said. 

Not only does this program impact the ELL students, but it also helps the teacher grow and learn by helping them.

“I have learned a lot from doing this program on how to teach students even when it is hard. I have learned how each student learns differently and how important it is to also be friends with them,” Hussung said.

These students could always use more peers to fit this program into their schedules. “This is something great to be involved in, and it is nice to know that you are helping someone learn something they really need to know,” Grable said.

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