Freshman Transitioning

The transition from middle school to high school can be stressful.

There are many challenges that freshmen have to adapt to and overcome.

“The hardest part about the transition is getting used to the environment and that there are a lot more people in the halls and classes than the middle school. There has also been a lot more homework, and we started doing actual school work a lot sooner than middle school would,” freshman Avery Guilfoy said. 

High school can open up new opportunities for freshmen, including sports, clubs, and  new friends.

“The thing I am most excited about for high school is football. We have only just started the season, and I have had a great time. Football has helped me meet new people and just have fun. I can’t wait for the rest of my high school football career,” freshman Bobby Emberton said.

Guilfoy also said what she is most excited about high school.

“Some of the things I am most excited about about high school are meeting new people and making new friends. So far high school has been very good. I really like the teachers and how they are super nice and always willing to help and take time out of their day to help,” she said.

Freshman Will Riley also expressed his thoughts on the transition. 

“I am excited for high school football and also just the new school as a whole. The first week has already been a lot different, and it has been a challenge to adjust to. I already have homework for all of my classes, and we have football practice every day so it has taken some getting used to,” he said.

The middle school and high school are layed out very different with how they organize the classrooms. That can take some getting used to and can be very confusing.

“ The high school is a lot bigger and harder to navigate than middle school. In the middle school, each grade has a floor to their self, and at the high school, there are hallways that go by subject,” Guilfoy said.