Block Party spotlights clubs

Each year, GHS hosts a block party in which different clubs are showcased in order to recruit new members and generate interest.

Service Club president, Senior Xiomara Martinez was excited for this year’s Block Party, which took place last week.

“We are planning a lot of fun activities this year for the Block Party for kids to enjoy. We are hoping to gain more Service Club members after this event. I think people should join Service Club because it’s a great way to meet new people and be able to volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to work on many skills like leadership and organization. Being in Service Club also has its perks because colleges love seeing young people help the community,” Martinez said.

Mrs. Nina Gondola, the French Club sponsor, had a lot of fun ideas for the Block Party, and her club members were very excited.

“We were involved in the previous years except for last year because of COVID-19. We’re going to make it as safe as possible by using hand sanitizer and keeping the masks up. We are hoping to gain more French Club members from this event. We are fun, we watch shows, and in the previous years, we would cook and might have a chance to do that again,” Mrs. Gondola said.

Mrs. Julia Reynolds, the academic team sponsor, had been involved in the Block Party every year.

“We are planning on doing different activities for each subject in academic teams. Our theme this year is Canada, so we are going to have something planned for that. Hopefully, we gain new members from this event and we are on the lookout for new team captains. Our numbers have gone down over the years, and academic teams are really fun. It gives people whose strengths are in academics a chance to shine and focus on one subject,” Mrs. Reynolds said.