Autumn excites students with local activities


Rachel McDonald

Feature Editor

With the crisp autumn weather setting in, people are getting ready for all of the fun that fall brings, from bundling up for apple orchards to gathering up the courage for a haunted house.

Haunted houses attract many students for their frightful and thrilling adventures, and junior Molly Morris gives some of her thoughts about the haunted house that she has visited.

“We went to Nightmare on Edgewood, which is the only haunted house I have ever been to. On a scale of one to ten of how scary it was, I would say it was about a four because I don’t get scared easily. I would recommend it to other people because it was inside, and so when it was cold, it was not unbearable,” Morris said.

Freshman Emma Gardner has visited Hanna Haunted Acres and thought it to be worthwhile.

“I have been to Hanna’s Haunted Acres. It had a lot of different houses and the hay ride was fun. I thought the corn maze there was awesome too. I had a really good time,” said Gardner.

Many people also enjoy going to Kings Island for the Fall Festival there, and Mrs. Andrea Campbell, science teacher, enjoys the event each year.

“We have Kings Island season passes so we always go down there for their fall event. We have done Newfield’s before, but I don’t think we are going to do it again this year since we have the Kings Island passes,” Mrs. Campbell said.

Apple Works is another well-known local place for fall activities, and junior Molly Morris loves to go there in light of the autumn season.

“I love going to Apple Works and getting the sunflowers there. I really like going to it because it gets me excited for fall, and there is a lot to do there,” Morris said.

Senior Blaine Somerville begins celebrating the fall season by spending time with his family.

“We decorate the house, go to the apple orchard, and we enjoy carving pumpkins. We invite some friends and family over, and we cook and have a big bonfire and just relax,” Somerville said.

For Mrs. Campbell, gearing up for autumn means preparing for the annual Halloween party she throws for her sons each year.

“I also always throw a party for my sons for Halloween when they are in elementary school. This tradition started when Collin, my oldest, was in kindergarten 13 years ago. I am actually trying not to get too emotional about this because since Carson, my youngest, is now in fifth grade. He is my last one going through elementary school, so this is my last year to have this elementary school party for Halloween. We always have a few games and snacks, and the older boys always play with the younger ones,” Mrs. Campbell said.

Sometimes, getting excited about fall goes beyond going somewhere. Sometimes, it can be even doing the little things at home that invite the new season in.

“I got little pumpkins for my room, and I got little leaves for garlands. I put them over my windows and mirror. I got my dog a Halloween pillow for his bed. I really like watching scary movies, and my favorite one is Scream. I love Hocus Pocus, too,” Morris said.