Trick or treat for UNICEF replaced Trunk or Treat

Trick or treat for UNICEF replaced Trunk or Treat

This year, Student Council is not planning a Trunk-or-Treat, but Service Club is throwing a similar Halloween event for UNICEF to help raise money for children in need.

Junior Emily Loper is in charge of keeping a list for the activities planned for the event on Oct. 27.

“This event is for UNICEF, which is an organization that helps many children get what they need for education and in their home life. We have plenty of fun activities planned for the kids to enjoy, and we are asking companies to help us sponsor our event to raise money,” Loper said.

Senior Shawn Wilson and other students in his group are in charge of calling companies to get help for the event.

“The event is for families and student to come and have fun. We are holding this event to help children and their families by raising money for UNICEF, and to be able to plan fun activities, a group of us are contacting multitude of companies to get as much help as we can.  We will have a raffle to give out rewards to children to have fun and for them to donate as well,” Wilson said.

Junior Samantha Stanley and her group are including other clubs and sports to join in on the event to help raise money faster.

“We are going to have games for kids to play, and we’re going to include other clubs and sports to join in on the event to help raise money faster. Other clubs will have their own activities planned to also promote their club,” Stanley said.

Sophomore Lesley Rodriguez is helping to come up with more activity ideas.

“We are all separated in to three different groups. There is a group for calling companies to help with the event, one in charge of coming up with activity ideas, and another to plan the event. I am in the group to come up with activity ideas. We have plenty of activities to choose from, and if any other clubs need activity ideas, we can just give them some of our ideas. We are so excited to help children in need and UNICEF is a really good organization to donate for people in need,” Rodriguez said.

Sophomore Prerna Singh and her group are making flyers to send out to schools to let students know about the event.

“We are making flyers and advertising our event. We went to the middle school and the elementary schools to put them up for people to know about the event,” Singh said.

Sophomore Madison Herbert is going to be in charge of the candy corn station.

“We all got to choose which station we wanted to be in charge of and I choose to be in the “Guess How Many Candy Corns are in the Jar” station. In this station, I get to buy candy corns and put them in jars for kids to guess how many there are,” Herbert said.