Clubs step up for the holidays with Friendsgiving feasts

The FCA and the GHS Buddies are having a Friendsgiving as a way of celebrating Thanksgiving.

Freshman Eleanor Guipe in GHS Buddies is excited for the Friendsgiving that took place yesterday.

“We planned a Friendsgiving that is after school on Friday. We are going to have food and get to know everyone, and this is a way for us to become more comfortable with our club members and Buddies. This is just for us to celebrate the holidays,” Guipe said.

Sophomore Danielle Suiters was also excited for this event.

“For our Friendsgiving, we are going to have pizza as food, and we’re going to have some activities like corn hole to play,” Suiters said.

Junior Sophie Markowicz, a member of FCA, has been talking about their Friendsgiving that took place this morning.

“We are asking everyone to take part and bring a breakfast item to have a pitch in. It will take place in the IMC at 6:50 a.m. This is a way for us to celebrate Thanksgiving as a club by coming together as a group and sharing our gratitude,” Markowicz said.

If everything goes as planned, GHS Buddies had their Friendsgiving in the auxiliary gym.

“Our target is to get the auxiliary gym reserved for our Friendsgiving activities. We’re going to have a couple activities to do like corn hole and basketball. For some of our Buddies and students who don’t want to play any of the physical activities, I have coloring sheets for them to do. Even though it is not super traditional for Thanksgiving, I’m going to buy pizza so we can have something to eat, and it’ll be like a pizza party,” Mrs. Linda Williams, sponsor, said.

Junior Joshua Sirkin was at the FCA Friendsgiving this morning.

“We provided some stuff for the breakfast we had. Everyone took part of it and brought something for everyone to eat. We’ll be making the FCA more mainstream to the school with our event by telling people about it, so people can be a part of our club,” Sirkin said.