Turkey Trot & Drumstick Dash support homeless

Wyatt Flowers, Reporter


Stride by stride, the finish line gets closer, and the homeless will get their Thanksgiving dinner.

The Turkey Trot is a race where people will compete in downtown Indianapolis to raise money to give the homeless a Thanksgiving dinner. The Turkey Trot costs around $30-$40.The price may vary depending on how many people have already registered and gotten a secured spot. The race is held on Nov. 26. Registration is still open. 

“Our family did the Turkey Trot because we found that our best memories as a family are made when we are outside having fun at events like this,” sophomore Maggie Hunt said.

Some people will just sign up and run the race. But a particular person has a little insight on the race.

“I run the race almost every year with my family. Fun fact: My Grandpa is actually the person who keeps the race going every year. He plans all of the details about it. He obviously didn’t found the race, it was just passed down from generation to generation and got to him. Hopefully I will be able to run it when he can not anymore,” sophomore Andrew Spoor said.

People may begin to think who would ever want to do a race in the first place, let alone do it a second time.

“Me and my family go to the race every year. It has almost become a tradition for us to keep on doing it. If my parents were to say we aren’t going to do it this year, I would complain to them about it because it just feels right,” sophomore Courtney Hankenhoff said.

The race was founded in 1896 originally starting in Buffalo, New York.

“I completed the race with my sister and my mom in 2018. I had no idea the race originated in 1896. That’s crazy how something so long ago can still be a tradition to this,” Hunt said.

Preparing for a race can be difficult, but setting the right routine and eating habits for the race will be easier.

“I prepare for the race every year, I already workout all the time at school and in my free time so I just need to add running to the schedule. I’m sure running two to three miles a day with a break day on Wednesday. Eating properly is also a big part of running races as well as hydrating,” Spoor said.

Some runners do not have to prepare for the race and just wing it.

“I ran the race last year, but I didn’t really have to prepare for it that much. Me and my family kind of just signed up and waited until the day of the race and just went there and ran. It wasn’t too terrible, but I’m glad I did it,” Hankenhoff said.

There is a race called the “Drumstick Dash” that is held in downtown Indianapolis. The tickets vary anywhere from $25-$45 depending on the date that they are purchased, and the age of the participant. If the tickets are purchased after the race then you can buy next year’s tickets for $25 at any age. Closing into November the tickets start to be priced around $45. The Drumstick Dash also starts on Nov. 29 the goal of the race is to raise money for the homeless to eat on thanksgiving.

“We have also done the drumstick dash. It is almost the same as the Turkey Trot but it is just a day before. That will give other people time to rest and do the next race to raise more money for the homeless. I’m always already in the running mood after the first race. The races aren’t super long. The Drumstick Dash is 4.6 miles long,” Hunt said.